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Best Things to do in Orlando Beside Theme Parks

Best Things to do in Orlando Beside Theme Parks

Orlando is the much famed theme park capital of America. Many visitors spend entire vacations riding roller coasters, snapping pictures with their favorite Disney characters, or wandering the cobblestone walkways of Diagon Alley. But while these adventures are all well and good, Orlando offers much more than just theme parks.

After reading, you will want to venture away from the theme parks the next time you visit to check out some of the best things to do in Orlando besides visiting theme parks.

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

This 440-acre nature preserve showcases Florida’s breathtaking landscape.  Gather the family for a fun-filled day strolling along shady paths and walkways. The preserve features tranquil lake views, lush Flatwoods, and wild wetlands.

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve is a great option for those wanting to escape the crowds and heat of amusement parks for a day or two.

Winter Park

While we’re talking about nature, the Winter Park is also another great Orlando area attraction. This small little town is only 20-30 minutes from Orlando, and its claim to fame is the quaint, scenic boat ride. The guided tour takes you through the strikingly beautiful Winter Park Chain of Lakes and shows you waterfront mansions, wildlife, and scenery.

Take a Weekend Trip to Miami

Since you’re already visiting Florida, why not take a weekend break from Orlando and head to Miami? The drive between the two iconic cities is less than 4 hours, and Miami has countless hotels options, so finding a place to stay is easy. Miami has a completely different atmosphere and feel than Orlando. The city’s energy is electric, and the city makes a great weekend road trip from Orlando. As a bonus, the drive lets you see Florida’s epic landscape. Miami’s one of the best places to visit in the United States.

Here are a few popular Miami attractions to check out:

  • Jungle Island
  • Bayside Market
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  • Hit the Beach
  • Check Out the Nightlife
  • Ocean Drive

Florida Coach Tour

Florida Coach Tours offer a variety of experiences. Visitors can spend the day ziplining through the trees, riding horses, or exploring the ecosystem on a Wild Coach Tour.

The coach tour can easily be the highlight of the day and lets you relax while enjoying up-close views of nine different ecosystems.

One perk of this tour—you get to ride in decked out safari vehicles. The wheels are massive and lift you high off the ground.

Like any nature tour, wildlife is a perk, and as you venture through the Florida landscape, keep your eyes peeled from deer, bears, and alligators.

Hit the town

Orlando offers a thriving nightlife scene. Check out Venue 578, which has been called one of the freshest nightclubs in the world by Billboard, Rolling Stone, and other magazines. If nightclubs aren’t your style, head over to the Orlando Brewing Company and grab an ale. The city is constantly hosting fun events and exciting festivals.

Here are a couple more bars and music venues to check out when visiting the city!

The Beachum Music Venue – Party until the sun comes up in this historic 1920 building.

Ice Bar- Get cool and have a drink in the largest ice bar in the country.

Other Things to do When Visiting Orlando.

Have a Spa Day – Orlando has many high-quality spas. There’s no better way to unwind after a few days of exploring the city.

Visit the Kennedy Space Museum – This iconic complex is just an hour from the city center. Learn about the history of space travel while experiencing shuttle launches, movies, the astronaut hall of fame, and flight simulators.

Harry P. Leu Gardens – These 50 arch gardens house over 1,000 rose bushes from April – January.

Orlando is a fun city and more than just rides, shows, and themed restaurants. These options will help you escape the theme parks, explore the more of the city, and discover Florida’s diverse landscape. Next time you are there grab a hotel in downtown Orlando and explore the city.

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