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What to look for when choosing new swimwear for Traveling

Are you travelling overseas this year? Whether you’re touring the grand cities of Europe and staying in luxe hotels, or you’re heading to the other side of the world and exploring the beaches of Thailand between hostel stays, having the right swimwear pieces to hand is important! 

If you’re travelling, then having more than one swimsuit piece is a practical choice. It means you don’t have to miss out on water fun whilst your suit is being laundered and also means you can match your swimwear to whatever activities you have planned for the day. After all, wearing a gorgeous thong bathing suit might look good at a beach party but may look out of place at a family water park! Therefore, choosing the right pieces to travel with is important. 

In this post, we’ll explore what to look for when choosing new swimwear, read on to find out more.   

The Right Type

Today, there are so many different types of swimwear that many individuals don’t know where to start! Bandeaus, bikinis, croptops, one-piece suits, zip front, side tie – the list goes on. To help you make the right style choice, then consider what we’ve mentioned above: consider matching your bathing suit to your chosen activities. You might have your heart set on a string triangle bikini – great for sunbathing and relaxing poolside – but it might not be the best choice for windsurfing! Take note of what you’re planning on your travel adventure and pack multiple pieces if necessary. 

The Right Fit

Selecting the right style is one thing, but if your chosen piece doesn’t fit you properly, then you’ll only ever feel self-conscious and distracted whilst you’re wearing it. One of the simplest ways to do this is to measure your body. Using a flexible measuring tape, measure your bust, hips and waist and keep these measurements in mind when choosing your bathing suit. Additionally, trying on multiple options will help you find the right fit and ensure you have swimsuits that flatter your body. 

The Right Material

Not all bathing suits are created equal! And if you’re travelling, then it’s important to have durable and reliable swimwear to hand. Cheaper options may start to perish or lose their shape when used frequently, and you won’t want to spend time overseas shopping for new pieces and missing out on your latest destination. Look for pieces that stretch well and retain their shape when wet. Avoid thin materials as these will undoubtedly let you down and remember if you buy cheap – you buy twice! 

And Finally: The Right Feeling

Ultimately, you need to feel confident in your swimwear. Time spent worrying about how you look or how much support you’re getting only takes time away from the moment and your travel adventures. So, take the time to explore multiple swimwear options, try them on and see which ones are right for you. Taking more than one swimsuit will give you the variety you need to enjoy different parts of your trip, and with the right choice – should last!

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