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What Mattress Size Is Right For YOU While Traveling?

Travel is an important activity for so many people. If you are making travel plans, it is important to get a good night’s sleep. When you drift off easily, you’ll find it so much easier to get things done while on vacation. You can see wonderful sites with your family. You can also confidently schedule the next day’s business meetings knowing you have shaken off that jetlag.

Most travelers opt to stay in a hotel when traveling. Before you leave, you can typically see the kind of mattress you will have in your hotel room. If you’re not sure, it’s helpful to know what kinds of mattresses are out there.

You have your own personal needs and the same is true of everyone in your party. Each person should have a mattress that lets them get good rest each night.

Keep reading to find out which mattress size is right for you while traveling.

The King Mattress

A king mattress is the largest of all mattresses. There are two types of king mattresses. There’s the standard king and the California king. The classic king is seventy-six inches wide and eighty inches long.

This is an excellent option if there are two of you and you want some room to spread out. It’s also a good idea if you are bringing your dog/cat along. They can sleep at the foot of the bed while you catch up on your rest.

The other type of king mattress is the California king.

The California king is the largest standard mattress on the market right now. This is one seventy-two inches wide and eighty-four inches across. This is a good choice for those taller guests who need lots of room.

Keep in mind that this mattress can be hard to find. Contact the hotel owner and ask if they have one on hand. Many hotels are happy to make sure you’re comfortable with a mattress that offers a full night’s rest.

The Queen Mattress

The queen sized mattress is one of the most common of all mattresses. Chances are you have one in your home right now. People like them because they offer a lot of space but don’t take up the entire room.

They’re also easy to move around and bring with you. Hotels like the queen-sized mattress as an option because it’s easy to find lots of sheet styles that fit. It’s also easy on the hotel workers who can lift them as needed. The typical queen-size mattress measures sixty by eighty inches.

A queen-sized mattress is a good option for many reasons. It’s ideal for the solo traveler who wants a bit more space to relax. He/She can fit multiple pillows across the top and have room for a companion animal.

The queen-sized bed also works well for two people, especially if both travelers are under a certain height. A family of four can opt for a room with two queen beds. One parent can sleep with one child while the second parent sleeps with the other child.

The Full Mattress

Full beds are common under many circumstances. There are two types of full mattresses: the standard and the extra-long version.

The standard full mattress measures seventy-five inches long and fifty-four inches wide. There’s also an extra-long version which is also fifty-four inches wide and eighty inches long.

That allows the traveler a bit more room to stretch out from top to bottom. The longer version could possibly be a good option if you are a bit taller or you want to bring a body pillow with you.

The Twin Mattress

The standard twin mattress is one of the widely used mattresses on the market. These are the kind of mattresses you might find in a college dorm or a hostel. They’re also found in single rooms when you’re traveling. The twin mattress is a good one for younger people.

Children like having a mattress of their own that does not require them to share one with an adult. Many hotels are happy to add one to your room for a small additional fee.

The typical twin mattress is seventy-five inches long and thirty-eight inches wide. There’s an extra-large version that’s eighty inches long. That might be a good choice if you are traveling with an older teen who wants their own bed.

The Crib

Babies need a special place to sleep when they’re traveling. You may want to ask the hotel you’ll be staying at beforehand if they have a crib that could be provided.

You can bring your own version so the baby has a reminder of home. A typical crib is twenty-eight inches wide and fifty-two inches long. Make sure the sides on the crib are raised as you sleep so that the baby is safe.

Getting enough rest before and during travel is so vital and necessary.

While traveling, you will want to have your sleeping arrangements/regime to match closely to what you have at home, so that you aren’t disturbing your sleep schedule.

Finding out which mattress size is best for you while traveling will be able to help make sure that you’re receiving enough sleep even on vacation.

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