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The 5 Best Masterclass Classes to Improve Your Post Pandemic Life

So you’re looking for the best masterclass classes to take! I mean, it’s the start of 2021 after all!

At this point we’ve spent over a year quarantined, scrolling Facebook, binge-watching Netflix, and more than likely putting the Covid 15.

I know my pants are a little snugger (and I didn’t do nearly close to the amount of creative writing I promised myself I would). 

But now, things are starting to look up – finally!

Vacancies are rolling out. Covid numbers are slowly going down. And there’s reason to hope that the situation around the world will continue to improve – fingers crossed. 

Now, is the time to prepare yourself for going back out in the world! Or just make the remaining time of the pandemic productive. And doing a Masterclass course or two is a great way to learn anything from interior design to filmmaking.

All are taught by masters in their field (many of them are celebrity instructors). Which is another good reason to give online learning with master class a try! 

I’ve found some great results using master class when trying to learn a new skill. Each lesson has something that helps me improve. I tend to focus my lesson on writing, and photography.

Masterclass has some great options for everyone! And in this masterclass review, we will go over my recommendations of masterclass to take to get ready for life after the pandemic. 

Each great course on this list helps you gain a skill or two that can help you craft a new and exciting life. 

But we are only going to touch the tip of the iceberg. The good thing is that if you sign up for all access pass that you get all the classes that this learning platform offers. So try out different courses and see what sticks. 

From the best movie filmmaking masterclass to documentary filmmaking from scientific thinking to Serena William teaching drills and techniques. 

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5 Best Masterclass Class For Post Pandemic Life


 This course is taught by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Who is the pioneer in bringing mindfulness to the western world? 

And this masterclass instructor has worked for decades to demystify the stereotypes about mindfulness and teach the truth. 

Personally, Mindfulness has been a huge practice in my life for the last three years. 

And while I was a little hesitant to take an online course about it, my curiosity got the best of me. 

And I was pleasantly surprised. This class not only helped improve my daily practice, but helped me dive deeper into the benefits of meditation, and managing stress. 

These video lessons will help you understand the roots of meditation and deepening your practice.


Mastering at least the basics of cooking is essential. Not only will it help you impress people around you. 

But it also improves your daily life. Cooking can also be a discipline that can help you deal with daily stress. 

With Gordon Ramsay as your masterclass instructor as can’t go wrong! Cooking 1 and 2, the seven-star Michelin chef takes you all the basics. 

From Knife skills to kitchen essentials to mastering show-stopping vegetarian meals to making the most out of roasted chicken. 

Each video lesson teaches a valuable technique and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to mastering the culinary arts

These classes are great, especially, now when we are spending most of our time indoors, and preparing our meals.

Being one of the best masterclasses on the site makes this cooking class one masterclass course that everyone should try.


Like mindfulness and cooking, Yoga is another beneficial practice that can help you deal with these trying times. Donna Farhi has been hailed as the “teacher of teachers”.

And in this yoga class, this world-renowned teacher puts a heavy focus on creating a safe, sustainable yoga practice. 

If you’re like me and not very flexible – or good at yoga – this class is perfect! The class not only focuses on the foundations that are core to yoga.

But also on strengthening your body, proper breathing, and finding your center. Yoga Foundations is a masterclass course worth taking! 


In this class, your master trainer, Joe Holder, guides you through the fundamentals of fitness and wellness. But this class is much more than working out.

Joe also dives into having a healthier mindset and tailoring your mindset and nutrition. 

Each video lesson easily helps you be more effective in your wellness goals.

Personally, I love the masterclasses on recovery, and when to listen to your body!

There’s even one masterclass lesson that talks about food hacks.

By the end, of the course, you’ll have mastered the Ocho system, Joe’s life-changing fitness philosophy, and be on your way towards your fitness goals. 


If you’re like me – and have trouble sleeping – then realize just how important it is to get your rest.

This class, taught by your neuroscience professor Matthew Walker who takes you through the science of sleep. 

This masterclass answers question of “What is Sleep?”, “How to Prevent Sleep Debt” and “Diet and Sleep”. 

This masterclass will help you view sleep in a whole new way! 

The course will take you through everything from how sleep can help boost your immunity to how what you eat affects your sleep.

But that is not all. This class also teaches you how to reclaim your sleep, and how to sleep smarter and better.  

And there we have the 5 best masterclasses to try before the ending of the pandemic. 

Other Great Masterclasses


Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass 

Neil Gaiman’s masterclass is one of my favorites, even if it doesn’t relate to travel writing. His masterclass videos are informative and give some good insights that any creative professional can use. 

 Dan Brown

The Dan Brown writing masterclass is amazing. He talks about the story, routine, and good habits. Come as an avid learner and you will walk with at least one new skill. 



The first thing you need to do is sign up for the masterclass. There’s a couple of different options.

First, you can buy just one online class. But with many classes, the best – and most cost-effect – option is to get a masterclass subscription. 

The all access pass is an annual membership that gives you access to all the classes. This lets you try out everything this online education platform has to offer. 

You get access to every class from Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity to Christina Aguilera’s masterclass about singing. 

Plus the all access pass gives you access to all the downloadable workbook.

As a writer, I have found the writing classes valuable. It’s improved my creative process I even started working on a short story and thinking about a podcast. 

Personally I the masterclass course offerings are way better than many of the masterclass alternatives like Skillshare. 

Whether you are looking to write compelling characters, learning scientific thinking, want to start a fashion brand, or becoming a filmmaker the masterclass app has something for you.

The big downside is that there is no masterclass free trial. 

But don’t take my word for it! Try it out yourself and your masterclass review in the comments below. Or give me a shout-out about your favorite writing class or filmmaking masterclass on Twitter. 




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