It is easy to spend a lot of time getting lost with everything there is to see in Rome, but you would be missing out on some of the best day trips from Rome.

Of course, Rome is magical with so many different sites to visit, like the Coloseum, Spanish Steps, and the Vatican (OK, not technically Rome, but you know what I mean).

These are all amazing day tour in Rome that need to be done, however, you would be missing out if you didn’t best day trips from Rome.

But, after expereincing these places and doing a definite wander through the gorgeous Roman streets, soaking up olive oil, and drinking wine, head outside of the city for more Italian adventures. So you can use where to stay in Rome as a homebase for great adventures.

Not sure what the best day trips from Rome are?

We’ve put together our top five best day trips from Rome. So, bookmark this and keep it handy for your Italian trip! For more on Italy check out my Italy Travel Blog.

Best Day Trips From Rome

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast - Best Days Trips from Rome

This stunning line of shore on the Sorrentine Peninsula treats visitors to some seriously spectacular scenery. Steep cliffs, colorful homes, and stunning sea are the name of the game here.

Take a bus from Rome or, if you want to be adventurous, take a boat from Positano and enjoy this part of the world.

Spend a day hopping on water ferries and exploring the stops along the way, or sidle up to a seaside restaurant and sip the local delicacy – limoncello.

About a two-hour train this is one shortest day trips from Rome.

Positano gives you a fantastic glimpse of Amalfi Coast living.

The Amalfi coast is one of the top day trips from Rome.



Located a stone’s throw from The Eternal City is Tivoli. Once known as Tibur, today Tivoli features Roman ruins in the form of villas.

Check out the 16th century UNESCO site, the Villa d’Este, and also Hadrian’s Villa. These two villas give a rare glimpse into a life for the upper class of yesterday. After that, head to the Villa Gregoriana, a park nestled in a gorge, complete with a waterfall.

What more could you as for on one of your day trips from Rome?


In less than two hours, whisk yourself from the more cosmopolitan Rome to the spectacular Florence.

The capital of the magnificent Tuscan region, Florence has it all – and can be experienced in one day (warning: it is a lot of cramming!).

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Florence delivers a true taste of Renaissance charm with its many attractions, including the world-famous Uffizi Gallery.

Spend time there, and then head over to The Duomo and Palazzo Pitti before stopping at the leather market and then for a glass of Sangiovese.

Florence is actually believed to have the highest concentration of art in the world, so make sure to put on your cultural exploration hats and dig into the art scene in this city.

The Province of Florence is one of the day trips from Rome not to miss, but if you have the time stay in Florence for more than a day. As a Florence day trip from Rome would be rushed.



A two-hour train ride into the interior of the country delivers you to Assisi one of Italy’s most famous towns.

The short distance also makes it one of easy day trips from Rome.

The birthplace of St. Francis, the town offers plenty of things to do. The most popular is thing to do in Assisi  is visiting the grand medieval castle, Rocca Maggiore. Also, pay a visit to the amphitheater, the Piazza del Comune, and the Temple of Minerva.


Pompeii, outside Naples is one of the most famous day trips from Rome.

South of Rome lies Pompeii, a city of volcanic ruins.

This historic site lets visitors get a glimpse at one of Europe’s most fascinating archaeological areas. In 79 AD, after Vesuvius exploded, the area was buried under ash. This was my my favorite day trip on my first trip backpacking through Italy.

The result?

Some of the most well-preserved remnants of an early part of our history.

Here, people can get an unparalleled look at what life was like in the early ages, including a look at what people used to look like.

The town is about 150 miles from Rome, just past Naples. Many companies offer Pompeii Tours from Rome as well.

I absolutely loved my Pompeii day trip from Rome.

There are dozens day trips from Rome. And that is one Italy Fact I love.


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  1. Katie McGrain says

    Great list of day trips! I have been to all of these towns in Italy, though not as day trips. I went on a bike ride a few years ago and made my way through each of these towns. I would say my favorite is the Amalfi Coast. Its so beautiful and colorful and one of my favorite places in Italy!

  2. Michele says

    I think I would most like to go to Pompeii if I ever get to Italy at all! Of course all the other side trips look like I would enjoy them as well.

  3. Julie says

    The Amalfi Coast looks amazing! I threw my coin in the Trevi fountain when we were there a few years ago, so I hope to take one of these day trips when I go back 😉

  4. Crystal says

    My niece is studying aboard in Florence this semester. I’m drooling over her photos! I wish I could visit.

  5. Stephanie Pass says

    I’ve been to France, and Rome is next on my list. What a beautiful place! I can’t wait to visit.

  6. Zascha says

    I haven’t been to Italy yet (except for when I was four years old, which I don’t remember at all!), and yet I’m so in love with that country.
    All of the things you mention are on my list, and I can’t wait to tick them all off.

  7. Sophie's World says

    The Amalfi coast is one of my favourite places in Italy. Capri is lovely too – although that would be even better with more than just a day.

      • Samstravblog says

        Great post ! My husband and I have been to Turino but that was as far as we made it (had been staying in the south of France). I really would love to see Florence. I love the pic. It made it look so colorful 🙂 For those of you reading, if you make it to Turino, definitely go to the Museo Egizio. It is amazing and so full of history. Thanks again for the memories and dreams, lol

  8. Mayra says

    Nice site! You oughta travel to Peru. I´m from there, there´re so many magical places that you won´t regret it. I have good contacts there, if you decide to go I can give you their names and email adresses. Good luck! Bleesings!

  9. Michael says

    Just stumbled upon this article. Great suggestions pinpointing some of my favourite places in Italy.

    However, just one minor point: the picture you’ve used to highlight the Amalfi coast looks to me like it’s actually Manarola – which is way up the coast in Cinque Terre!

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