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20 Best Beaches in Rhode Island To Visit in 2023

Are you looking for the best beaches in Rhode Island? If so, look no further.

By the end of this blog post, you will know the best beaches in the ocean state for a sunny day by the water. 

You’ll discover the best Rhode Island beaches for families, sunbathing, and even surfing! Just one of the fun facts about Rhode Island.

So slap on those swimming trunks. Grab your sunscreen. Because you are about to uncover all the best beaches Rhode Island offers.

16 Best Beaches in Rhode Island

Goosewing Beach

Goosewing is a pristine beach crescent-shaped alcove that’s perfect for watching fish darting through the tide pools. It’s made more interesting by its location between dunes-which you can climb and get a different perspective on the water. It’s also great for birdwatching: you’ll see birds of just about every kind common to this part of New England.

Misquamicut State Beach, Westerly

Top Rated Beaches in Rhode Island

Misquamicut State Beach stretches for 7 miles. 7 miles of sand on the southwestern shore of Rhode Island. It has a very cool, laid-back vibe and is great for families. A lot of fun activities are available: you can rent jet skis, paddle boats, or even take surf lessons. It’s easy to see why this is one of top rated beaches in Rhode Island.

Sachuest Beach

Rhode Island

Sachuest Beach, also known as Second Beach, is a mile-long stretch of soft sand on the southeastern tip of the island. It’s a great family-friendly spot for swimming, surfing, and general beach bumming. The water is shallow enough to wade out quite a way before it gets too deep, and the sand is soft enough on your feet that you can walk out for quite a while without getting tired.

East Matunuck State Beach

East Matunuck State Beach is far from crowded, and the waves are just right for body surfing. The beach has a public pavilion with picnic tables and a spot for grilling, not to mention bathrooms, showers, and a lifeguard on duty. It’s a great place for a relaxing summer day with the family. Within walking distance of the beach are three seafood restaurants that have their own views of the water (one of them even has picnic tables in its adjacent parking lot).

Narragansett Town Beach

Narragansett Town Beach is a classic New England saltwater coastal beach on the East Coast side of Rhode Island, and along some of the best east coast road trips. . This is a great place for surfing, swimming, and just relaxing in the sun. With swells up to four feet and a beautiful beach, this is the perfect weekend getaway for people looking for a relaxing time during the summer months.

Easton’s Beach 

Best Rhode Island Beaches

Easton’s Beach in Newport, Rhode Island, is a great beach for families. Not only is it set far enough away from the city that you can enjoy the serenity of being by the water, but it has plenty to do with your family. The Bathhouse at Easton’s Beach offers bathrooms and showers, changing rooms, lockers, a snack bar, and more. 

You can also rent out chairs, umbrellas, and noodles so you can spend the day relaxing on the shore without worrying about hauling all that stuff with you. And there is a playground for kids to play in while they wait for their parents to jump in the water or when they tire of playing in the sand.

Scarborough State Beach

Scarborough State Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Rhode Island, and for good reason. The 2,000-foot beach fronts a large pavilion that hosts several activities throughout the summer.

Scarborough State Beach has become an important part of Rhode Island’s tourism industry since its opening. And continues to stay one of the top rated beaches in the state. 

Watch Hill Beach

List of Best Beaches in Rhode Island

Watch Hill Beach is the smallest but charming. And there are a few reasons it is one of the best beaches in Rhode Island. It has a fine sand beach that’s not rocky and is beautiful. Watch Hill is famous for its small but clean beaches.

Some people might think twice before driving to Watch Hill Beach because of the parking situation. Don’t park at Watch Hill Inn, or on certain areas of the road. Because you will get a fine.

Narragansett Town beach, Narragansett bay

Narragansett Town beach is a popular saltwater beach, with lots of parking. This massive beach covers 19 acres. Making it not only one of the best beaches in Rhode Island, and not to far from the best things to do in Boston Ma. But also one of the biggest beaches in Rhode Island. Which is good. Because Narragansett Town beach gets a lot of traffic. Sometimes up to 5,000 visitors, a day comes to enjoy the water and sand.

So if you don’t mind crowds, then Narragansett beach is a great option for those on the hunt for one of the best Rhode Island beaches

Napatree Point Beach

Napatree Point Beach is a stunning beach that is easy to access. This gorgeous beach is located just outside of Watch Hill Beach on the eastern side of Rhode Island. Napatree Point has some amazing views, and it is perfect for bird-watching. You might even spot a hawk!

 Napatree Point is perfect for any outdoor adventure and it gets very little traffic, so you don’t have to worry about crowds. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy nature, this is a great location!

Crescent Beach, Block Island

Best Beaches in Rhode Island

Crescent Beach is the most popular beach on Block Island and attracts both tourists and locals. The beach has white sand, maybe one of the best white sand beaches in the world, that is smooth, fine, and soft. They consistently voted it one of the top beaches in New England.

Crescent Beach connects to both surf beach, and baby beach. And it has a concession stand and chair rentals.

Charlestown Beach Breachway

Charlestown Beach Breachway is a great place to soak up the sun on a hot summer day. The golden sand beach has magnificent views of Block Island Sound, and it’s a great fishing area. The tranquil beach is in Rhode Island, right off the Charlestown Breachway. And fantastic for taking in the grandeur of the Atlantic Ocean.

Ballards Beach, Block Island

Ballards Beach in Block Island, Rhode Island is a great place to spend a day in the sun. Within the Ballard’s Beach Resort, it offers plenty of options for your day at the beach – including live music, tiki bars, oceanfront restaurants, and part of the Ballards Beach Resort.

Town Beach, South Kingstown

The Town Beach in Matunuck, South Kingstown. And it is a great place to go on a beach trip. The beach has a playground, two picnic areas, a pavilion, showers, and restrooms. 

The beach is not rocky, so you don’t have to worry about stepping on rocks when you are walking on the beach. It has good waves for surfing and swimming. The beach is one mile long, so it’s easy to walk or ride your bike along the shoreline. The best beach in South Kingstown. And one of the best beaches in Rhode Island.

Misquamicut Beach

Misquamicut is the most popular state beach in Rhode Island and is home to one of the best beaches in New England. It’s also a beautiful but crowded beach half a mile long with shade gazebos and volleyball courts. The Misquamicut Beach State Reservation is open year-round. There are showers, restrooms, and a snack bar. A popular beach, whether you are a Rhode islander or a traveler from out of state. But during peak season, this is a crowded Rhode Island beach. 

East Beach

East Beach is on the east side of Ninigret Pond, an extension of Quonochontaug Neck that separates Ninigret Pond from the Atlantic Ocean. One of the best things about this beach is that there are only little crowds.

And East Beach is an excellent destination for families and others looking for a low-key, natural beach experience.

East Beach is not only one of the best beaches in Rhode Island, but in New England as well. Though known for its surf, East Beach also boasts amenities, including picnic tables, restrooms, and lifeguards during the summer months.

South Shore Beach

South Shore Beach is a popular spot in Rhode Island, known for its beautiful stretch of sand that’s perfect for beach days. The calm waters are great for swimming and other water activities, and the stunning views of the ocean make this beach a must-visit destination.

Gooseberry Beach

Rhode Island has a picturesque beach that’s perfect for summer season adventures – Gooseberry Beach! This stunning sandy shore offers gentle surf, making it ideal for Rhode Islanders who want to relax and soak up the sun. If you’re feeling adventurous, the moderate surf is perfect for swimming, boogie boarding, or even paddleboarding. Not only is Gooseberry Beach a private beach, but it also offers breathtaking views of the ocean that will leave you feeling awestruck. You’ll want to pack your bags and hit the road to this amazing beach destination in no time!

Warwick City Park & Buttonwoods Beach

Rhode Island has a family-friendly beach that’s perfect for a day of fun in the sun – Warwick City Park & Buttonwoods beach. This public beach is located in a beautiful beach location and boasts excellent facilities, including baseball fields for those who want to play a game or two. The stretch of shore is perfect for swimming, and the beach offers stunning views that will take your breath away. With its excellent facilities and beautiful views, it’s no wonder that Warwick City Park & Buttonwoods beach is a favorite beach among locals and visitors alike. Pack up your sunscreen, and head to this fantastic beach for a day of fun and relaxation!

Oakland Beach

Rhode Island has a beautiful beach facility that’s perfect for beach time with the family – Oakland Beach! This beach is one of the best family beaches in the area and has plenty of beach parking lots available. It’s easy to spend the whole day at Oakland Beach, thanks to its clear waters and perfect beach for swimming. Whether you want to relax in the sun or play some beach games, Oakland Beach is the perfect destination for a family beach day. Pack a picnic lunch, grab your beach towels, and head to this beautiful beach facility for a day of fun in the sun. There is a entrance fee of $6 for this beach. 

Greenwich Bay

Rhode Island has a fantastic saltwater beach that’s perfect for a day of fun on the water – Greenwich Bay! This beach is well-equipped with boat ramps, marinas, and even a ferry dock and landing. If you’re a fan of boating or fishing, this is the perfect spot for you. The clear waters are perfect for swimming and offer an excellent opportunity to explore the surrounding area. Whether you want to take a ferry to nearby islands or spend the day fishing, Greenwich Bay has everything you need for a great day on the water. Pack your fishing gear, grab your sunscreen, and head to this fantastic saltwater beach for an adventure on the water.

Charleston Beach | Charlestown Breachway State Beach

Rhode Island has a hidden gem of a beach that’s perfect for a peaceful day by the water – Charleston Beach! This beach is spacious and has plenty of parking space, making it easy to find a spot to set up for the day. Charleston Beach is also a popular spot for fishing, with many fishing boats lining the nearby docks. If you’re looking for an adventure, there’s even a ferry landing nearby that can take you to nearby islands. The marine life in the surrounding waters is also a must-see, with plenty of fish and other creatures swimming around. If you’re looking for a quieter beach experience with plenty of opportunities for adventure, Charleston Beach is the perfect destination for you. Pack your fishing gear, bring your binoculars, and get ready for a day of relaxation and exploration.

Whether you are doing one of the best road trips to Cape Cod and passing through Rhode Island. Or looking for the best beach in Rhode Island for a cliff walk, a chill afternoon, or a place to spend with your family. There are a lot of options to choose from when looking for the best beaches in . But this guide will lead you to the perfect beach for you! Rhode Island

Whether you are doing one of the best road trips to Cape Cod and passing through Rhode Island. Or looking for the best beach in Rhode Island for a cliff walk, a chill afternoon, or a place to spend with your family. There are a lot of options to choose from when looking for the best beaches in Rhode Island. But this guide will lead you to the perfect beach for you!

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