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Best Bars for Backpackers in Australia

Backpacking Australia and Backpacking New Zealand are an unfrogetable adventure. You decide where you go, how long you stay, and what you’ll do during that stay. Meeting people along the way is another enjoyable aspect of this epic solo adventure. And if you’re next stop is Australia and you want to meet others like yourself or locals, then your best bet is to make a stop at some bars or restaurants.

Meet the locals and other backpackers

When it comes to mingling, bars and restaurants are a great place to start. It’s light, casual, and there’s enough booze to keep both parties interested in one another. But in a continent as big as Australia, it can be pretty hard to decide which bars and restaurants are friendly towards backpackers. So, here’s a quick guide to some popular backpacker bars and restaurants around Sydney

Scubar. One of the better-known bars in the area, Scubar is two things: a bar in the daytime, and an enjoyable club at night time. Backpackers are always welcome here to party and to work. You can drop by in the morning if you’re looking for a job to earn a bit of money for the rest of your stay. This way, you get a first-hand experience on what it’s like to work in a bar in Sydney. Now, that’s something your friends’ vacations don’t have.

Cargo Bar. Some of the things you can expect when you visit Cargo Bar: great food, great booze, all at a price you can’t say no to. Their staff is excellent with the customers, and a killer dance floor where you can show off your mad dance moves. Don’t feel like dancing? The bar has comfortable seats outside where you can sit back and just have some drinks and chat with your new buddies.

Scary Canary. A bar loved by locals and backpackers alike, the Scary Canary isn’t all that scary. You can stuff your face with a nice meal and some great drinks all while being able to mingle freely with both tourists and locals. It’s overall a great place especially if you’re looking to make some local connections for the next time you’re in town.

World Bar. If you’re in the mood to get down and party with all the party people around you, then World Bar is your stop. The loud music is enough to keep you dancing all night, and there are enough cocktails to go around as they serve them in teapots. No one is ever down when they visit the World Bar.

Broadway Crown. After a wild night at the World Bar, you might want just to take it easy. The Broadway Crown has the ambience to make you feel relaxed. What’s more, they offer daily specials so you’ll always have something new to try whenever you visit. And the best part is that their Happy Hour drinks are all at $10.

Bars are a great place to get some drinks, talk to and meet new friends and to just relax after a day of exploring a new place. But always be careful when staying in bars, and always be vigilant with who you decide to interact with. It can help save you trouble.

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