An in Depth Guide to Choosing the Best Backpacking Gear

I get a lot of questions about my travel gear. The truth is that because of the nature of my work I carry more gear than the average traveler ever needs. A big part of my job is capturing the perfect photo, lining up epic video footage and more.  In fact, I lug around an entire backpack that’s devoted solely to cameras, tablets, wires, external hard drives, etc.

Chances are you won’t need everything on this travel gear list. That being said I do have some favorite items, brands, and devices I recommend. These are pieces of travel gear that everyone will find helpful.


Hands down, one of the most important items of your travel gear is luggage. It is vital to pick quality luggage that caters to your needs. This is stuff you will be carrying down city streets, through busy airports, and loading on and off buses.

For the most part, I still travel with a backpack. But when my family comes to visit they use hand luggage so I have plenty of experience carrying their luggage from A to B. ( I’m a nice guy what can I say)

There are long stretches of time where you can’t get to your luggage. Times where you have hours of sitting there with nothing to do or walking over ten miles a day. Getting the durable, and high-quality clothes that were designed with these types of situations in mind is something to think about when getting ready to travel.  That being said you don’t need a completely new wardrobe just a few items to wear in certain situations.

Travel Insurance

It is vital to make sure you are protected when backpacking around the world. Travel is unpredictable so it is not smart to travel without insurance.

Best Backpacking Gear: Backpacks

It is important to have the best travel backpack.

A couple things to look for are multiple compartments, water resistance, internal frame, and padding.

As I go into depth about why these are important in my post about finding the best travel backpacker,

These are a couple I highly recommend.

Osprey Farpoint

Why I like it: Osprey is my favorite backpack brand. I like the Osprey Farpoint because it has zippers you can lock, a day pack you can unzip, and has light wire suspension.

Amazon Rating 4.7 out of 5

Osprey Porter –

Why I like it: The Osprey Porter is much smaller than the Farpoint for those seeking a smaller backpack. It is simple and comfortable. The porter is great for both long and short trips and one of the best backpacking gear.

Amazon Rating 4.8 out of 5

Kealty Redwing

Why I like it: Kealty is a brand that is known for making extremely reliable and durable. They backpacks are great for organization and high quality.

Tortuga Travel Backpack

Why I like it: I like Tortuga backpack because of you can carry it on a plane.

Travel Jacket – This jacket was designed with travelers in mind. The jacket is also water resistant, as well as cool looking. A couple features about this jacket that won my heart is the number of pockets. (There are two pockets on the chest that you can open from the outside or inside of the jacket)  These pockets are the perfect size for a passport, wallet, or phone.

However, I think my favorite feature of this amazing jacket is the huge side pockets. There are big enough that I can fit a paper back book or even a 7″ tablet inside the pocket comfortably. If I am on the go, I don’t have to open my luggage to stuff these items in. I just pop them into these massive pockets, rush off, and easily pull them out on the plane. It is awesome!


REI is well known amoung travelers.  fantastic website with top of the line travel gear. They offer everything from clothes to backpacks.

Ex Officio

I Love Ex Officio. They make high quality clothes with travelers in mind.  I love their stuff. The best backpacking gear they make is the Storm Logic Jacket. It doubles as a neck pillow! How cool is that feature.


This is another high quality brand that offers many styles and well made products. They make cool clothes that will stand the test of time, and a great products to consider when looking for the best backpacking gear.


Patagonia is not the cheapest brand on the list but I don’t mind spend the extra cash to support a good cause. They are socially responsible and they have a mission to help preserve the environment. So while not the cheapest clothes you are supporting a good cause, ever purchases means that you donated to charities.  On Black, Friday Patagonia donated 100%  of their profits to grassroots conservation efforts. In that one day, they raised $10 million to help the environment.

Best Backpacking Camera Gear

Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon is my favorite brand of camera. I find the camera’s extremely user-friendly. They deliver high-quality shots and aren’t too expensive when you compare them to other SLR’s. There are definitely high quality camera on the market but they are pretty expensive.The price of the canon fits into a budget and the pictures are high quality.

Check out the Canon EOS Rebel T6

Steady Camera – DJI Osmo

If you are looking to make an epic video of your travels this awesome product by DJI takes some amazing steady shots. It has a long battery life, gets smooth shots and pans. Plus it is simple and easy to use.

I am in love with my DJI Osmo

Drone: DJI Mavic

Drones are awesome. They help you get some amazing aerial footage of the world. DJI is the world leader, and the Mavic is a portable drone. The drone folds to the size of a water bottle making it easy to travel with it. Hands down the Mavic is my new favorite piece of backpacking gear.

A couple awesome feature of the Mavic are that it will track you. So if you are going on a epic hike just send the Mavic into the air, tell it to track you, and start walking. it really works.

Check out the Mavic here.

Karma – A product I would like to recommend is the Go Pro drone because it is a drone, but also doubles as a steady cam. I’m a big fan of the Go Pro Camera’s and but no experience with the Karma because I have not tested it.  However, feel free to research it. I know the drone itself is cheaper but if you have to invest in a Go Pro camera it becomes around the to around the same price of the Mavic.

Here is a quick clip of my first flight wit the Drone. I am not controlling it at all. It is tracking me. How cool is this! 

Day Pack-  A day pack it good because you can lock up most of your belongings and just take out what is necessary.  I think a day pack is among the best backpacking gear when traveling.

The day pack is for carrying the camera, drone ,and items that are essential to your day.

I use this awesome ManFrotto Pack

How much to do I need to pack for traveling?

I have a basic packing list that includes

2- Pair of Jeans

4- T shirts

1- Hoodie/Sweater

1- Light/Heavy jacket ( depending on where I am going)

1- Pair shorts ( 2 if I am going to a summer destination)

1 – Pair of board shorts

4 – Pair of socks

1 – Travel Buff

4- Paris of Exoffico underwear

This is most of the travel gear I carry on the road. Though the gear I have might not be the same gear you need. Look at what you will be doing, the weather, and get the right gear.

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