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This Indonesia travel blog covers everything from planning your trip to some of the fun adventures the country has to offer. 

Such as, trekking to see Orangutans in Borneo, finding Komodo Dragons, and exploring small islands like Wakatobi.

Over my travels I’ve spent a lot of time in Indonesia and each time I visit I find something new and exciting that makes me even fall more in love with the country.

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Backpacking Travel Blog

Backpacking Indonesia: A Full and Complete Travel Guide

Backpacking Indonesia is a take a journey into a different world. I have spent months backpacking Indonesia. I’ve had wild adventures with Orangutans, explored remote villages in Wakatobi, and gone surfing in Bali. However, I have only scratched the surface of the adventures, and rich culture that backpacking Indonesia has

Bajo Village Indonesia

Wakatobi: 5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love wIth these Indonesian Islands

Wthout a doubt, Wakatobi is one of my new favorite spots to travel to Indonesia. Sadly, not many people are even aware that this chain of islands exists. I’m here to fix that. Give me a few minutes of your time to explain about the rich cultural experiences, sandy beaches,

Orangutans in Borneo

48 Hours in the Jungle with Orangutans in Borneo

A group of rickety boats bobbed up and down forming a large line shooting out from the dock. Ducking through hobbit sized bulkheads and over railings, we jumped from deck to deck slowly making our way across the floating bridge. After hopping a half of dozen boats, we came to a

Wonderful Indonesia

11 Travel Tips to Know Before You Travel to Indonesia

4 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights (New 2020) Who doesn’t want to travel to Indonesia. I mean it is a country that offers beautiful landscapes, rare wildlife experiences, epic dive spots, and vibrant corals to explore. It’s also a great place to relax on beaches, learn yoga or how to

Gili T Indonesia

Gili T Hotel Review – Trawangan Dive Hotel

I’m a backpacker to my core. So backpacking indonesia was a no brainer. I have spent more night in hostels, crashing on couches, airport floors, and train stations in the last couple years than I have a warm bed. Don’t get me wrong, it is the way I love to

Gili T Travel Guide

Island Guide: Things to do on Gili T

Gili Trawangan, popularly known as Gili T, is a small Island just a few hours by boat from Bali, and one of the best places in South East Asia. Now when I say small Island, I mean it. You can ride a bike around the whole island in around an

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