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Backpacking Europe

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Backpacking Europe changed my life! Well, actually visiting all the best places to visit in Ireland, changed my life. I highly suggest everyone backpack through Europe once in their lives. However, Europe can be a nightmare. During summer it is jampacked with tourist and prices are inflated. Even so, I love traveling Europe in the summer.

I’ve spent years of my life traveling across Europe and on every visit, I fall more and more in love with it. I created this resource of tips and post so you can learn from my mistakes and experiences.

This page will take you through everything from trip planning to arriving home safely.

Why backpacking Europe is the best thing since sliced bread!

Getting Around Europe

Is a Eurail Pass Worth it?

Eurail is a favorite of travelers backpacking through Europe. But is a Eurail to expensive or is a Eurail pass worth it?

Getting around Europe can be expensive. From buses to planes, trains to cars these are the 8 cheapest ways I’ve traveled through Europe. (Read the Cheapest Ways to backpack Europe)

Budget Airlines are cheap but often come with hidden charges. This guide will help you navigate the best budget airlines in Europe. (Read the Europe Budget Airline Guide)

Eurail and Busabout are two popular ways that travelers use when backpacking Europe. But let’s discover the pro’s and con’s of each. (Read Eurail vs Busabout)

Gap Adventures in one of the top travel companies in the world. Let’s find out if they are the tour company for you. (Read Gap Adventures Review)

budgeting for Europe

Europe has a false reputation of being crazy expensive. But it’s not true! This post will equip you with some travel tips on how to travel Europe cheaply. (Read 5 Tips to travel Europe cheaply)

Looking for extra money to travel? There are a lot of ways to  increase you travel savings. This are some strategies I used to save $18,000 for my first RTW (Read Tips for Saving Money to Travel)

These are some tips that will help you hack the travel systems and save a lot of money while travel Europe. (Read Travel Hacks for Saving Money on Travel)

best travel companies in Europe

Europe Travel tips by country



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A Guides to
Backpacking Europe

Italy is one of the best – and most visited – countries in Europe. This massive guide takes you through the in’s and outs of planning a trip to Italy. Whatever you want to know about Italy, whatever you need, and whatever you are curious about…. this Guide covers it. 

Ah, Greece! The kingdom of Zeus. The home of Achilles. The land of rocky islands, and sandy beaches. Backpacking Greece is on experience you won’t forget anytime soon. 

Post to Help You Get Started
Backpacking Europe

PICKING THE BEST BACKPACK – A backpack is more than a piece of baggage; it is also your home, storage, and safe that you will be lugging around. A sub-par backpack can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Simply put it’s not smart not to skimp when shopping for backpacks.  This post outlines a few essential things to look for in a great backpack, plus a few of my favorite bags. (Read the Best Travel Backpack for Europe)

PICKING THE BEST BACKPACK A backpack is just one weapon you’ll need you in your travel arsenal.Here is a list of useful gear while traveling Europe. 

Confused which countries to visit, the amount of time you need for each destination, or how many countries to fit into your trip? I’ve planned dozens of itineraries while traveling. This post will help you plan your trip. (Read How to Plan Your Europe Itinerary

With so many countries and cultures packed into such a little space, it is easy to question where to go. I’ve been all over Europe, and these are my favorites cities. (Read Best European Cities to Visit)

There is a big debate among travelers whether travel insurance is worth it. Depending on how you look at it there are pros and cons to getting insurance. Read this post and let me know what you think about getting travel insurance. (Read Is It Worth It to Buy Travel Insurance)

RoamRight travel insurance

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