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Backpacking Asia – Tips and Tricks to Help You Understand Asia


Backpacking Asia Tips and Tricks

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Backpacking Asia is to enter a wild and crazy world. Your senses are overwhelmed with vibrant colors, loud markets, and golden temples.
Asia is filled with beautiful beaches, rugged landscape, and craggy mountains. 

There are many regions full of vastly different cultures, religions, architecture, and history. It is an area of the world you can spend years traveling and still only scratch the surface. 

Personally, I have spent years backpacking Thailand, backpacking Indonesia, and every other country in Asia. And while I have seen and experienced a lot, I still have more to see and explore. A lot more. 

These are my backpacking Asia travel blog post that will help you get a grasp on many parts of Asia and learn about what this beautiful part of the world is like to travel. No matter if  you are traveling on your own or taking a private and luxury all-inclusive Indochina tour that just lets you sit back enjoying and relaxing in Asia, there is something in this post for you.

Why backpacking Asia is unforgettable

Planning your Asia trip

Beside a backpack what other gear do you need when backpacking Asia. This list is the gear that I never leave home without, and I suggest you don’t either!  (Read Finding the Best Backpacking Gear)

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RoamRight travel insurance

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best travel companies in Asia

Explore by Country


Ultimate Koh Lipe, Thailand Travel Guide There may not be a lot of secluded paradises left in Thailand, but Koh Lipe is definitely one of them. Koh Lipe offers some of the clearest water you will see in South East Asia, powdery beaches that are the whitest of the white, and a laid-back vibe that

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The 5 Best Things To Do On Koh Samui

5 Things to do on Koh Samui (New 2020) Are you looking for the best things to do in Koh Samui? Maybe you just want an exotic Thai island vacation to break up those long cold winter nights?  How about a chance to explore a tropical jungle, bathe beneath a waterfall, or dive below the

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Nepal Travel Tips – Everything You Need to Know (NEW 2020)

Nepal Travel Tips [et_social_follow icon_style=”simple” icon_shape=”rectangle” icons_location=”top” col_number=”4″ counts=”true” counts_num=”0″ total=”true” spacing=”true” outer_color=”light” network_names=”true”] If you are looking for some Nepal travel tips then sit tight because you are in the right place. Traveling to Nepal is famous in the trekking, hiking, and mountaineering circles. Sadly, for many travelers, it isn’t on the radar. This

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7 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Nepal and You Will Too!

4 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights (New 2020) I fell in love with Nepal long before my airplane descended into the middle of the sprawling, dusty city of Kathmandu. Nepal, with its craggy mountain peaks and exotic city names like Pokhara and Nagarkot, had me daydreaming. I lost myself thinking about what adventures my future

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The Best China Travel Apps for Iphone and Andriod​

4 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights (New 2020) ​Having the right China travel apps is essential to making your trip run smoothly. For a country that runs so efficiently and is so well developed, China is still tricky to navigate for westerners. Everything from ordering a meal to figuring out how to hike Tiger Leaping

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4 of the Top Dive Destinations in the World

Malaysia (Sabah/Borneo): Barracuda Point Located north of the world’s famous dive destination of Sipadan, the Barracuda Point dive site has strong currents that bring in lots of nutrients, which leads to an overwhelming number of swirling Chevron Barracudas arriving for a meal. The geography of the place consists of a wall which leads to a

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Backpacking Indonesia: A Full and Complete Travel Guide

Backpacking Indonesia is a take a journey into a different world. I have spent months backpacking Indonesia. I’ve had wild adventures with Orangutans, explored remote villages in Wakatobi, and gone surfing in Bali. However, I have only scratched the surface of the adventures, and rich culture that backpacking Indonesia has to offer travelers. This post

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