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Adventures in Egypt

Egypt is best known for its ancient monuments and mysterious religion, but it’s also a country full of adventures. From the port city of Alexandria all the way to the rocky mountains in the Sinai Peninsula, you can always find amazing adventures that get your blood pumping.

The country has gone through major changes in the last few years which might leave you wondering if Egypt is safe. One of the best things about Egypt is the strong exchange rate which makes Egypt adventures much more affordable than other countries. I spent much of the month in Egypt getting one adrenaline fix after another, just like my month in Spain..  Here are a few of my favorites adventures in the Middle East.

Snorkeling at the Blue Hole.

 The Blue Hole is exactly what is sounds like; a massive blue hole located just outside the tiny town of Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula. It is one of the most famous places to snorkel and scuba dive in the world.    Normally, I would chain myself to the heaviest object before cowering in a corner if you ask me to go swimming in deep water. Deep water has always been my biggest fear, but none of the fish at the Blue hole will hurt you so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy an amazing experience. The coral around the blue hole is spectacular and flooded with a rare variety of beautiful colored fish. Many of the fish are so curious and friendly that they swim right up and stare into your face or follow you as you swim around their beautiful reef. You can easily spend a whole day here.

You can also watch the free divers. These divers practice for years to dive extraordinarily deep without scuba diving equipment. I’m an adventure traveler blogger, but you couldn’t pay me to swim that deep.  However, it is thrilling to watch them.

Be sure to visit first thing the Blue Hole in the morning before the tourists flock to it for a day trip from Sharm al Shek.

Another great place to go snorkeling is Hurghada.

4 Wheeling in Sinai

Imagine speeding past the jagged mountains of the Sinai Peninsula as you make your own path through the sandy desert.  Taking a four wheeler journey through  this desert will make you pinch yourself as you wonder how something so simple could be so gorgeous.   It possesses a rare beauty that a camera can never fully capture.  Speeding through this rocky desert was one of my personal highlights..

On the trek, you can visit a Bedouin camp for some tea and then hop back on your four-wheeler and speed off to watch the lazy sun set over the Blue Lagoon. You finish your trek in the cobblestoned downtown of Dahab just in time to eat an Egyptian dinner.  Your evening ends with such an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and wonder.Arm yourself with adventure quotes.

Sailing down the Nile

Not all adventures have to give you an adrenaline rush. One of my most favorite adventures was taking a few days to sail down the Nile. In Aswan, you will find many cruises that will offer you the same opportunity.  I recommend sailing in a Felucca, a boat that only has a top deck covered by an awning.

On this journey, you sleep under the stars, swim in the Nile, and eat delicious meals in the same area where you sleep.   Its one of the most beautiful places in world. It is a different place free from electricity, Wi-Fi, and even toilets.  The Nile is serine, the boat is relaxing and the view of Egypt is unforgettable

Everyone I met recommended the Felucca.   Personally, I recommend a boat crewed by Nubians. The Nubians came from South Africa into Egypt centuries ago and have retained their own language and culture. Sailing with them gives you a chance to join in on their party. The Nubians were some of the best Egyptians I met. The Nile Cruise was so breathtaking, it’s hard to find the descriptive words for it.

Nubian Dinner

Speaking of Nubians, before boarding a Felucca, you need to free yourself for an evening and join the Nubians for a traditional dinner at their house. Like everything they do, it is simple but wonderful. The meals are Egyptian, but come with a Nubian twist.

My favorite part of the Nubian’s dinner was playing with their pets. Nubians don’t raise dogs and cats and can’t understand why anyone would have them for pets. Instead, the Nubians raise crocodiles. They keep them in cages and will let you hold the little ones. I went to the Nubian diner on my Egypt tour.

As stunning as Egypt’s monstrous temples and ancient hieroglyphs are, sometimes you want a break and these adventures were pleasant distractions.  I was pleasantly surprised by all that Egypt had to offer. You can also go sand boarding up by Alexandria, and Hot air ballooning in Luxor. These are on my radar the next time I am in Egypt.

9 thoughts on “Adventures in Egypt”

  1. Hi Stephen, looks like you are having an awesome time.
    The snorkeling at the blue hole looks amazing.
    I did a nile cruise long ago once, I did not know you could swim in the Nile.
    Looking forward to the rest of your adventures.

  2. Happy to read you had a great time in Egypt… I never tried diving but the photo of the Blue Hole is already breathtaking:)
    And yes Nubians are awesome friendly people, it’s another world and it’s great that you got to experience so many “faces” of Egypt!

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