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A Little Bit of Liverpool

If your in England and your not busy freezing your ass off at Stonehenge you should check out Liverpool, home of the Beatles, its a great place to visit on your UK holiday.  While there is a ton of Beatle attractions to see and explore, there are also many other attractions worth checking out that are free.


When arriving in Liverpool, one of the first things you will want to do is find accommodation. I recommend YHA Liverpool; this hostel has a great vibe. The rooms are nice and clean and they have great security.  One reason why I suggest YHA is that all the reviews stated that the staff was more than helpful. A hostel staff can make or break your experience.

Mystery Tunnels

If you are tired of Beatle attractions, visit the mysterious Williamson Tunnels; still a mystery to this day. These are a series of tunnels going underneath Liverpool. They were built by the tobacco merchant, Joseph Williamson, but nobody knows why he built them. The legend tells that Williamson wanted to create some work for the unemployed and that he hired men to build this labyrinth that goes nowhere. Whether this is true or not it’s still very interesting.

A Tale of Two Cathedrals

After checking in, you’ll want to go sightseeing. You need to make visiting Liverpool’s two famous Cathedrals at the top of your bucket list. First, we have the majestic Liverpool Cathedral. Make a point to climb the tower and you’ll be rewarded with a great view of the surrounding area as well as the city. by Nigel_Brown

by Nigel_BrownThe second cathedral is the Liverpool Catholic Metropolitan.  This wonder was actually laid out in the 1930’s. The building was delayed and later redesigned; it wasn’t completely finished until the late 1960’s. Both cathedrals are free of charge and a must see if you are in the city.

By menu4340
By menu4340

The Beatles

The Beatles are still a main source of tourism and if you’re an uber fan than Liverpool is the place for you. It still has plenty of memorable Beatles sights and activities. You can also see both the homes where John Lennon and Paul McCartney grew up. The Beatles drew a lot of inspiration for their music from Liverpool and so there are quite a few hot spots you can visit that are mentioned in their hits. You can go to Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, and the Cave, which is the bar where the Beatles were discovered. If the Beatles are your religion, then Liverpool is your Mecca.

The Albert Docks

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Strolling the shops, restaurants, and bars of the Albert Docks is a great way to spend an afternoon in Liverpool. These docks offer such a great experience that they are the most popular attraction in Liverpool. They are home to a variety of all sorts of goodies.

You can choose between local events or eateries; hell why not both? The hours rush by as you check out museums like The Beatles Story, which is filled to the brim with Beatle mania paraphilia, making it a must see for the diehard fans. Another interesting and educational exhibit is the International Slavery Museum.

Greenbark Park

After seeing all these sights you will probably want to take a load off. Well, you’re in luck because Liverpool has some great places to relax. Like Greenbark Park. Here you can rest, walk around the lake, and just enjoy your vacation in the city. It has a variety of places to get some exercise like football (Soccer) fields and a lake with stocked with fish. It is a nice place to recharge your sightseeing batteries.

With great accommodations like YHA Liverpool, attractions for music lovers, sights at the Albert Docks, famous cathedrals, and the mystery of the Williamson tunnels, Liverpool is a perfect city for you to roam on your UK holiday. What are you waiting for? Grab your backpacking gear, find a cheap flight on Kayak Explore and start you Liverpool holiday.

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