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Are feeling burned out? Starting to dream of sandy beaches when backpacking Greece or towering trees? 

You may need a vacation. 

Although many employers offer vacation time, surveys show that few people use their vacation time to take an actual vacation. 

Vacation time is often used to cover doctor’s appointments, special family commitments, or the occasional personal day.

A lack of taking an actual vacation lasting anywhere from three to seven days is linked to chronic stress and anxiety. 

Consider these signs that you really need a real vacation.

It Seems All You Do Is Work

If it seems like your entire life revolves around your job, you probably need a vacation to put things in perspective. A job should be your means to pay for the better things in life. 

It should not be the sum total of your life or socialization. If you are finding yourself doing little other than working, sleeping, and paying bills, you need a break to put things in perspective and get back on track living your life.

You Constantly Feel Stressed or Anxious

Everyone feels stressed or anxious at times, but if you are having those feelings more often than not, it could be a sign you need a vacation. Paying off your Atlanta mortgage, managing a family, and dealing with stress from your job; sometimes you just need a break. 

When little things that generally wouldn’t cause you stress or anxiety do so, it is a sign that you need a mental and emotional reset. Vacations do just that, helping you reset your emotions and relax in a stress-free environment.

You Make a Lot of Mistakes at Work

Are you finding yourself making mistakes that you usually would never make? Are your quarterly projections way off, or your reports full of typos? When you are facing burn out, you are likely to make more mistakes that seem entirely out of the ordinary. 

Before you put your job in jeopardy by risking making a significant mistake, you should take a vacation for a mental reset.

You Look Like Your Passport Picture

Likely when you got your passport, it was because you were going on vacation. When you needed that last vacation, you were probably very stressed out, exhausted, and close to or experiencing burnout.

All of that stress and anxiety shows in your appearance, and it will be reflected in your passport photo.

If you are looking like your passport photo, it is a sure sign that you are overdue for another vacation.

You Are Experiencing Health Problems

Many health problems can be directly linked to stress. High blood pressure, weight gain, depression, anxiety, unexplained weight loss, and digestive issues can all be signs that you are under too much stress. 

A vacation is the best way to relieve some of that stress and reduce your risks for more severe health conditions.

It’s Been More Than Two Years

How long has it been since your last real vacation? If it’s been longer than two years, you need to schedule that vacation as soon as possible. 

Studies show that not taking a vacation for more than two years at a time could be linked to many stress-related health conditions.

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