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6 Great Things to do in France on a Group Holiday

6 Great Things to do in France on a Group Holiday

One of the best types of holiday is one where a group of close knit friends get together and explore an unknown land. France is certainly one of the places which offers the perfect chance for a group holiday. 

From sipping on high quality champagne by your own private pool to visiting exquisite castles, here are six great things to do in France on a group holiday.

Visit Hidden Gems in Paris

Apart from the obvious tourist hotspots, there are several hidden and unexplored places in Paris that deserve a lot of praise. 

For a group of friends looking to step aside from the crowd and visit comparatively unusual things to do in Paris, heading to the city’s passages is indeed a great idea. The city has several covered malls which date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and are called passages. 

Not only are these places architectural wonders, but the Parisian Walkways are also great for shopping enthusiasts. Pretty close to these passages is the Pershing Hall – the ideal spot for a late evening drink of top quality champagne and wine.

Explore Historic Castles

France offers a plethora of ancient castles. The Cathédrale Notre-Dame de la Treille for instance is Lille’s pride. It is more than just a cathedral; many consider this 1854 construction an architectural curiosity because of its unique design. 

The Aquitaine region, which is now a part Nouvelle-Aquitaine, is perfect for exploring historic castles. Situated in the south-west part of urban France, the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean coupled with the Pyrenees mountain range makes it ideal for group tours.

Rent Bicycles

From the Alps to Auvergne, there are bicycle rental shops all across the country, mainly because most cities and towns in France are small.

 Since every inch of this country reeks of history and Renaissance influenced cultural expressions, as a group, renting a set of bicycles and bicycling around the country is the best way to explore the city.

 Don’t forget to take out the correct cycling insurance in case anything should happen whilst you’re out on the bicycle.

Indulge in Football

It is common knowledge that France is one of the world’s leading football playing nations.

If the group is lucky to be visiting during the football season, a visit to a stadium such as the Parc des Princes in Paris or the Groupama Stadiumin Lyon (or any other stadium, since most cities have clubs and stadiums of their own), is a must.

French football fans are passionate and the display of tribal-like rivalry between the two sets of fans is a sight to behold.

Enjoy the Theatre Antique d’Orange

This is where Romanesque theatre originated. It is a well-preserved theatre in Vaucluse and is home to the yearly opera festival, Chorégies d’Orange. 

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you can explore with an audio guide to learn about the fascinating history.  

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