5 Very British Activities to Try Whilst in the UK

Unlike the British weather which is rather unpredictable, the British way of life is rather interesting and full of activities which are particularly British. 

Everyone knows England for sprawling London, and architecture like Big Ben, and the Walkie Talkie Building.

However, there’s much more to the UK than just London.

Here are five of the most British activities that must be tried whilst on a trip to the UK.

Spend a Day by the Seaside

As mentioned before, it is hard to know what the weather will do, however what we do know is that when the sun is out, Brits always flock to the seaside.

 So, if you find yourself in Britain on an oddly sunny day, visiting some of these beach towns is a must; Blackpool, Filey, Cornwall, Porthmadog, Whitstable, Aberystwyth, Bournemouth, Margate, and so on.

 You can enjoy fish and chips, donuts and ice cream – just watch out for the pesky seagulls!

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Go for a Round of Golf

Even though golf is popular all over the United Kingdom, for the true lovers of golf, the northernmost part of the United Kingdom, Scotland, is the place to be for a round of golf. 

The sport has been an integral part of the sporting scene in Scotland with its history going back to the 15th century. 

There are a whopping number of 550 golf courses in Scotland to choose from – with main cities such as Glasgow and Aberdeen some of the most beautiful in the world.

Enjoy a Football Match

The United Kingdom has been responsible for inventing a lot of sports. However, it is football that has become the most famous around the world. Even though the sport is widely celebrated all across the world, one of the most passionate places when it comes to watching football games is in the UK. 

With each town, county and city having its own unique history of football – places like the Anfield in Liverpool, Wembley in London and Celtic Park in Glasgow offer some of the most nerve-wracking and inspirational live football viewing experiences in the world.

Explore the Waterways by Canal Boat

The United Kingdom is intersected with unbelievable canals and waterways that pass through spectacular countryside and take the traveller through picturesque towns and villages. 

A lovely aftermath of the epic industrial revolution period and a testimony to the sheer excellence of human engineering, exploring the waterways of the Cheshire Ring in Manchester or the Norfolk Broads along Norfolk coast (You can also check out bewilderwood in Norfolk). Or any other waterway in the UK offers a unique experience of witnessing tranquil villages and quiet market settlements, past old windmills and other old-fashioned remnants of the previous eras. 

There are hire bases across the country, so you can decide which area you’d like to explore then find the closest base for your narrowboat holiday.

Visit a Westside Church

The Westminster Abbey is undoubtedly one of the most iconic churches in the world. Offering a fine mixture of architectural flair, Westminster Abbey is the best example of English Gothic Architecture, which makes the spot more than just an attractive place of worship.

These are some of the very British activities any tourist can enjoy on an UK trip. By taking part in these activities, any tourist will be able to feel initiated into this ancient culture – a culture that has influenced the world so much.

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