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5 Unforgetable Places in Croatia

People living in the central European country of Croatia have been witness to numerous economic and political troubles over the years. However, Croatia has just joined the EU and this is a cause for celebration! And what better way to familiarise yourself with country full of forested hills, crystal blue waterfalls, and rocky coast then by visiting the Croatia yourself. Croatia Rocks after all!!

Here are 5 of the top places to visit:

1-Plitvice Lakes National Park


There are a good variety of natural wonders to observe in Croatia. However, the wonderfully maintained Plitvice Lakes National Park is deserving of special praise.

Visitors may while away the time gazing across the intriguingly shaped lakes and splashing about underneath the waterfalls. There is also the opportunity to explore the vaulted caves. You might even like to bring your binoculars and look out for the eagle owls and capercaillies.


A trip to Croatian island of Hvar is highly recommended. Once here you will have the opportunity to look at the assorted boats in the harbour. You may also be treated to a serenade by one of the local accapella choirs. And don’t forget to try the seafood specialities at the Zlatna Skoljka restaurant.

Croatia Landscaoe

3- Pag

If you fancy a hedonistic party then it would be worth making the journey to the island of Pag. You’ll have the opportunity to dance to the sounds of heavy house and trance music on the white sand beach of Zrće. If you don’t wake up with too much of a hangover then you should definitely hire some bikes and cycle along the local nature trails. Pag is one of the best islands in Croatia.

4 – Dubrovnik

You might well be interested in visiting Dubrovnik, a personally of the things to do in Croatia. It is also home to Kings landing to you game of thrones fans.  This will give you the chance to enjoy a guided walk along the 13th century walls and through the fascinating monasteries and churches. The perfect travel experience may be rounded off with candelit dinner for two at the renowned Gigli restaurant. It is  also a stop on a Croatia sailing tour, which is a highlight of any trip to Croatia.

5- Zadar

It would be a mistake to miss a visit to Zadar out of your Croatian travelling itinerary. This splendid town is home to a number of architectural wonders, including St Donat’s Church. It is also worth spending time on the sunkissed beaches and sipping freshly prepared coffee in the local cafes.

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