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5 Must Have Travel Apps For Android Users

A lot of people see overseas travel as an opportunity to leave all of their electronic devices behind and enjoy a period of peace and tranquillity. However, many people cannot live without their smartphone and there are a few mobile apps that can come in very handy whilst travelling. Some would say that you’d be foolish to leave home without them.

Naturally, the world of mobile applications is constantly evolving and it would be impossible to list all of the best travel apps available to download. Nevertheless, here we take a look at our five favorites for Android smartphonesBest Travel Apps for Andriod

XE Currency

Foreign exchange rates are changing quicker than ever these days and converting one currency to the next can often leave us gazing into space. This is where XE Currency steps in.

Far from the most glamorous app you’ll find for download, it may well be the most useful. Simply select the currency you wish to convert, then tap in the amount and…bingo; you’ve got your answer. No more vacant staring for you, weary traveller!


If you are going to be country hopping you may find your blood pressure rising each and every time you search for your next flight. Thankfully, Skyscanner can help. Beautifully designed and easy enough to use that even a technophobe would be able to cope, Skyscanner is an app that enables you to search for flight options that suit you best by trawling the web for the very latest deals.

All you need to do is tell it where you are going and it’s off, seeking out flights that will get you to where you need to go. The app pulls data direct from the web and gives you comparisons, so it may even save you some cash too – especially handy for those travelling on a shoestring.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight does one thing, but it does that one thing very well. For those who like travelling at the drop of a hat, Hotel Tonight is for you. Open up the app you’ll be offered a selection of hotels available for booking that very same day, making accommodation hunting blissfully easy.

Easy to use and well designed, this app is a must download for anyone who likes to pack up and move at a moments notice.


Fed up with trawling through your emails trying to marry up flights, accommodation and other travel related bookings? Download TripIt. This little gem will sync with your email inbox and magically display all of your plans right there within the app.

If you choose to place more items in your travel itinerary, TripIt will spot any matching dates and organise them for you, taking the worry out of travel planning. Naturally, in order for it to do all this automatically it will need permission to access your email account. However, if you rather it didn’t, you can add info manually.


Uber offers the traveller an easy way to get around town, regardless of whether you have been there before or not. Don’t fancy standing on a dark and lonely street corner waiting for a taxi? No problem. Simply have this app ready to use and you’ll be able to book and pay for a car to pick you up and drop you where you need to get to – hassle free. And there are some great uber promo codes.

Uber offer a range of different car types and their rates are competitive in most major cities. They also offer sign up bonuses for referrals as well, so you may be able to enjoy a free ride or two by getting family and friends on the Uber bandwagon too. For more check out this guide on how to use uber.

Always install out apps before you travel to save on bandwidth charges and ideally use them for a few weeks so that you are completely confident with how they work.

4 thoughts on “5 Must Have Travel Apps For Android Users”

  1. Great article, very helpful! I just got back from a short vacation to Croatia with a friend. There we met a lot of backpackers and they really sparked the travelbug. I have always wanted to see more of the world, but there was always something holding me back. Since I came back from Croatia I have been scanning the internet for travel blogs and tips, I really like yours! I am planning to travel next summer and I really can’t wait. It’s just that I am a bit worried about traveling alone as a young female. I also noticed that when you make clear you are not interested in someone in a particular kind of way , they sometimes don’t even want to get to know you on a friendly basis.

    BTW thanks for the follow on instagram!
    Greetings, Linde

    1. Hey Linde. It is always good to be careful when traveling alone. However, you dont have anything to worry about. I know tons of solo female travelers.

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