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5 Things You Can Do To Help Save Our Oceans


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If you’ve ever gone swimming off the coastline, sailed on the open waters or spotted a whale in San Diego, you may be interested in learning more about the dangers the oceans may face and what you can do to help save them. 

The oceans contain numerous complex, fragile ecosystems that may, unfortunately, be at risk of serious change over the coming years due to a number of factors such as plastic pollution, over-fishing and much more. 

If you’re invested in keeping the oceans in pristine condition and want to contribute, you may be excited to learn that it may be easier than you think. Here’s why the oceans may be in danger – and what you can start doing right away to help.

Why Are Oceans Are in Danger

If you’ve gone blue whale watching in the past and noticed plastic in the water, you may already have an inkling of the sorts of dangers the oceans currently face. Unfortunately, a number of factors may put the health of the oceans and their ecosystems in peril in the coming years. Some of the top reasons the oceans may be in danger include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Plastic contamination and other types of trash pollution
  • Over-fishing and over-hunting, resulting in disrupted ecosystems
  • Changing global temperatures
  • Excessive ocean mining

•  Lack of adequate care from coastal populations

What You Can Do To Help

Thankfully, the good news is that you have a role to play in keeping the oceans healthy and clean for future generations. If you’ve developed a deep bond with the natural beauty of the oceans through prior San Diego sailing experiences, you may already be highly motivated to help out. Remember that you could have even more of an impact by getting your friends and family to help out, too! You can make a difference if you:

  1. Lower your carbon footprint by turning off the lights when you don’t need them, keeping your thermostat low and putting on an extra sweater in the winter, carpooling instead of driving and having meatless meals at least once a week;
  2. Stop purchasing ocean-harming products, such as turtle shell or coral jewelry, souvenir conchs or cosmetics containing squalene derived from sharks;
  3. Recycle your plastics and other trash to help keep it out of the oceans and avoid threatening fragile ecosystems;
  4. Look for sustainable seafood that’s certified dolphin-safe, reef-safe and eco-friendly;
  5. Switch to reusable product alternatives, such as cloth shopping bags, reusable water bottles and more, to help minimize the amount of trash you create.

Keeping the oceans clean, pristine, healthy and thriving for the next generations is well within your reach if you contribute a little bit every day with these five simple changes.

Although the oceans currently face a range of dangers, from shifting global temperatures to plastic pollution to coastal overcrowding and more, you can help the world stave off further negative changes by following this easy guide. 

Now that you know how you can contribute, you can begin doing your part to save the oceans today.

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