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5 Science Fiction Films to Inspire You to Study

Technology in modern times is changing the way people live. Individuals need to build scientific knowledge to understand the various digital developments. There is a change in communication, energy, and transportation due to technology. Sci-fi movies involve current and future technological and scientific developments. They create speculation about the innovations that might happen in the future. Although they are fictional stories, they create curiosity in students to discover more. The illustrations used in the movies help them understand the principles of science. They create a new way of learning and innovation. Here are five movies that help students to study. 

The Matrix

The Matrix was released in 1999 and was distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Thomas Anderson, who plays under the name Neo, who is an experienced hacker. The future humanity without knowledge becomes trapped in a matrix. It is a computer program run using intelligent machines. Its purpose is to control human beings by taking energy from their bodies. 

When Neo learns about the challenge, he joins a team of people to fight against the computers. The team had managed to free themselves from the program. The movie can help students discover the good and bad sides of hacking. They can learn about dangerous programs and discover how to control them. 

The rules used in the movie are not different from the rules used in computer systems. It can inspire students to study computer science to become technology experts. Additionally, it is inspiring to students to become innovative and create solutions for current and future societies. The use of technology in education is no longer a dream but a reality. Students use technology to create essay topics, write, edit, and check plagiarism. Through technology, they connect with EduBirdie writers and order custom-written papers. 

Learners use laptops for research and to connect to online educational resources. They use phones to complete courses and assignments. The Matrix can help them take cybersecurity seriously. It can inspire them to develop solutions to keep them safe while online.  

Star Wars

Star Wars is a sequel trilogy consisting of 10 movies. One of the popular episodes includes The Rise of Skywalker, released in 2019. The Last Jedi was released in 2017, and The Force Awakens in 2015. In the 2019 episode, Luke Skywalker seeks to become a Jedi. However, he has to fight evil agents Darth Vader and the Rebel Alliance. His mission is to save the galaxy from the Galactic Empire. In the beginning, George Lucas thought of bringing the 1930s Flash Gordon movie to life. 

There are several things students can learn from the movie. They learn the importance of family, friends, education, and legacy. They also learn to embrace new challenges, to be themselves, and to stay focused. 

The movie makes science approachable and relatable to learners. Skywalker goes to places to save the galaxy. The action might help a student get an interest in learning space science. It can trigger ideas to write essays about space, aliens, or innovation. 


Interstellar is considered one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. A former NASA pilot is leading several astronauts on a journey to space. During this time, the Earth is no longer habitable, and there are many challenges. They need to find another planet where human beings can live. They face unimaginable challenges like wormholes and counting time. Fortunately, they have scientific knowledge that helps them out. The movie was released in 2014 but remains popular to date.  

Interstellar reminds students there are too many things yet to be discovered. Whether it is writing a research paper or an essay, a student can discover a lot. The team of astronauts was ready to risk their lives to save the lives of many. 

Studying is about taking risks to discover things that are not taught in the classroom. A student prepares for exams, yet they do not know what is coming forth. By watching the movie, the challenges and victories of the team can help learners study more. 


Avatar sets in motion a mission that leaves the Earth to travel to orbit. The year is 2154, and the team is headed to a moon the size of the Earth. It is orbiting around a massive star. 

There is an important mineral hidden in this moon that could help save the Earth. The moon, known as Pandora, is inhabited by blue-skinned people known as the Na’vi. They are huge giants living in a habitat with air that is not breathable by humans. 

It is a race for survival and completing a tough mission. The team has to learn Na’vi’s style of living. It is entirely different from what they are used to. In the same way, students face a new lifestyle once they join college. They have to adapt to the new life and fit into a student community. They have to create new ways to study and write essays or research papers. 

Blade Runner

Blade Runner is based on the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” The novel is written by Philip K Dick. Rick Deckard is investigating a group of replicas. It is harder to differentiate the real from the synthetic humans. Unknown to him, the replicas are seeking to live their own quiet lives. Rick is determined to hunt them and annihilate all. Students often find themselves unable to solve some mysteries in education and life. 

If they are persistent, they can find solutions to help them succeed. Initially, the clones were supposed to help humans conquer space, but the mission didn’t go as planned. Students should always be ready to change their study plans if they fail to work


Students face varying challenges that affect their success in study. There are different ways to get inspiration to study and do more. One of the ways is to watch sci-fi movies to inspire creativity, new thoughts, and confidence. They help students to learn to be innovative and flexible in their plans. The movies teach them to be resilient and study harder to achieve their goals. 

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