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Wakatobi: 5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love wIth these Indonesian Islands

Wthout a doubt, Wakatobi is one of my new favorite spots to travel to Indonesia. Sadly, not many people are even aware that this chain of islands exists. I’m here to fix that.

Give me a few minutes of your time to explain about the rich cultural experiences, sandy beaches, scuba dives, and adventures that await those who visit Wakatobi. And why you should add it to your itinerary when backpacking Indonesia.

“Let’s talk about 5 awesome reasons I can’t get enough of Wakatobi!.”

1- Diving and Snorkeling

Wakatobi has some of the most diverse diving and snorkeling in the world. There are thousands of fish species and over 850 different types of coral.  

I visited Wakatobi just as peak season was starting to pick up, and we still  had the waters to ourselves. My favorite moment was when I ventured off a little from everyone else.

Before I knew it I was surrounded by thousands of tiny bright blue fish. I actually, didn’t dive in Wakatobi just because I couldn’t stop snorkeling.   Check out the video from Fearless and Far below which shows a small taste of the beauty that Wakatobi offers. 

2- Bajo Village

Spread across the 900 inhabited islands of Indonesia there are over 300 different cultures.  In Wakatobi, I was lucky enough to visit the Bajo people.

The Bajo people spend their lives on the water. Even their houses are built on stilts in the ocean.

Many of them only head into land to trade and get supplies. Kids wade out to nearby islands during low tide to collect shrimps and crabs as snacks.

The Bajo villages are beautiful to wander and are incredibly photogenic.

I had a blast joking around with the kids who were fascinated to see a group of foreigners.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed exploring the Bajo village.

 3- Adventures

Wakatobi has a ton of adventures. There is everything from Dolphin watching. Although you have to wake up super early to see them. Chances are you will also see flying fish hovering just above the water as they travel massive distances.

There is also a ton of other adventure in Wakatobi like sailing, hiking, exploring villages, swimming, and kayaking.

Whether I was sitting on a balcony watching the sunset, and think about sunset quotes, wandering through town or swimming in the cool blue water, I was never bored

 4- Beaches

Indonesia is a country with more than 17,000 islands! With that many islands, there is going to be some world class beaches. However, Indonesia is one of the hottest spots in Southeast Asia for beach lovers.

The beaches are packed which can take away from some of the excitement and adventure of exploring another country.

Wakatobi was a breath of fresh air. The soft sandy beaches were gorgeous, uncrowded, and relaxing.

Wakatobi also has a cheaper price tag than some of the other popular beach spots like Bali

 5- Hoga Island

I only spent a day on Hoga, but enjoyed all the fun things to do. There are a few reasons that make Hoga a great spot to visit when traveling to Indonesia, and has a lot in common with the best place to visit in Thailand.

First, it is remote. During my afternoon on Hoga, I only saw a few other tourists, and they were just there to dive. Another reason is the beaches are stunning, and some good swimming spots. It’s one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

Lastly, I loved the snorkeling in Hoga. The water is clear; you can see down for a couple of dozen meters. I  dove deeper in Hoga than anywhere else in the world.

Hoga is the remote and relaxing place in Indonesia if you are looking for a nice getaway.

Wakatobi is a fantastic island chain in Indonesia. One of the perks of traveling to this part of Indonesia is that the wonder and beauty without hordes of other tourist and visitors. From the snorkeling in Hoga to the Bajo Village, I absolutely loved my time in Wakatobi Indonesia.

23 thoughts on “Wakatobi: 5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love wIth these Indonesian Islands”

  1. Thanks for this Stephen – we’re looking at Indonesia for 2017 and want to do a bit of island hopping to take in multiple destinations. Hadn’t heard of Wakatobi yet, so will add it to the list for some further research. Thanks for the inspiration! Can’t wait!!

  2. I love Adventurous travel !! I would love to do snorkeling to Wakatobi!! Great post and wonderful photos as always !! Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. WOW! I always appreciate any post that talks about off the beaten track destinations! I’m glad that despite the massification of Indonesia, there’s still islands and beautiful places where you can enjoy the country culture without 5,000 tourists around you. I also always try to look for these things! Cheers mate,

  4. Wow thank you for sharing this magical place! I was indeed one of these people who were not aware of its existence. I would love to see the dolphins even if it means waking up early. Or just wonder around this fishermen village above the water. It is amazing how many different cultures you can get to know there.

  5. I’ve never heard about Wakatobi, but I think it would definitely be up our alley! I love that there are so many ways to have adventures–the hiking and snorkeling both sound really fantastic! Bajo Village sounds great as well–it definitely looks like a photogenic spot!

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