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5 Outstanding Day Trips in Garfield County


Without a doubt, one of my favorite landscapes in America is the picturesque cliffs and vast desert plains of Utah.

Utah is a state bathed in natural beauty that is not found anywhere else in America.

One of the best places to experience this scenic places the grandeur of Utah is in Garfield County.

Many people travel here to visit Bryce Canyon.

However there is much more to do in this area that it is worth sticking around a few more days to head out of some epic day trips.

Here are five awesome day trips that will give you an adventure filled week in Garfield Canyon.

Bryce Canyon

First we have to visit Bryce Canyon National Park (I prefer Camping in Yosemite) But it is still beautiful.. ( One of the most beautiful places in the United States)

This is Utah’s most beautiful national park and the jagged stone towers that cover this area are world renowned.

Bryce Canyon is the main sight to see in Garfield, and the magnificence of this canyon will leave you awe struck.

While there are many other things to do in Garfield County we have to spend at least one day exploring Bryce Canyon. (With landscape similar to parks on our list of things to do in Moab Utah). America is the land of the great road trip (helpful when you plan to a trip on Google maps), and Utah is one of the best states to experience the beauty that you can see from the road.

Go for a Drive

There is more breathtaking landscape to see in this area than just Bryce Canyon. One of the best ways to take in as much is by taking a day trip in the car.

You can drive around stopping whenever you please taking your stunning surroundings and wandering nature at your own pace. Two of the best places to do this are Scenic Byway 12 and 143.

If you want to take a drive off road you can also hire a jeep for the day.

Ride an Outlaw Trail

Famous outlaws like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid would often roam these mountains using them as a base for their hideout. For this trip you can take horses, just like they would have or even a bike.

If you are looking for something more fast paced jump on the back of an ATV and explore Casto Canyon.

Along the why you will have beautiful overlooks, drive through pine trees, and get to see local wildlife.

Following the Cassidy trail is 8 miles of beautiful views and lets you get off the tourist trail and into the heart of the wilderness.

There are many ATV trails around Garfield County however, the Cassidy Trail should be at the top of the list. Outlaw Trails are one of the best things to do in Ruidoso New Mexico as well.

Bird Watching

If you want some peace and quiet and want to see the wildlife around the area I would suggest spending a day bird watching.

This area has a large amount of wildlife and you can relax viewing nature from afar and appreciating all the life and beauty Garfield has to offer.


One of my favorite activities on the road is canyoneering. I love sliding down cliffs, climbing through nature, and exploring all the canyons.

Garfield Country has some awesome canyoneering adventures for those who want to get an adrenaline rush.

Personally, I think the best crayoning trip is through the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument area.

For beginners who want to give it a try you do not need to worry. You can hire a guide to help you get to places like Spook and Peekaboo, on the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

These are both canyoneering trails for beginners. In fact you do not even need a ropes. Though there aren’t the best caves in the United States.

These are just five outstanding day trips in Garfield County.

There are still many more adventures to have in the area. Here are some honorable mentions and activities that you can do in this Garfield County.

Kodachrome Basin State Park

Dixie National Forest

Anasazi Museum State Park

Horseback Riding,

Mountian Biking




Star Gazing

As you can see, Garfield County has a wealth of things to do that you can easily spend a week in the area.

So if you are an adventure junkie, or looking for the perfect place for your next family vacation Garfield County has something for you.

Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure.

This post was sponsored by Bryce Canyon County, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. i haven’t been there since I was a kid, but I have such fond memories of it. I’d love to go back with my family.

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