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5 Epic Things to Explore in Cancun

Hi there! This time I will show you some options to do in Cancun City and Hotel Zone; for sure, there are many great things to do in Cancun and surroundings. Cancun has a lot of places in the city that you will love for sure.

In this post, I will tell you a little bit about each site I knew where you can discover the best of each place in Cancun, as well as the activities you can do in each area to make the most of your trips.

Mexican Restaurant “Rosa Negra”

Like I said at the beginning, I love Mexican food. This is a fantastic option for a romantic dinner; this is not only a restaurant with Latin American food, you can order lobster, pasta, and another variety of delicious dishes, but my first option has an excellent taste from the local gastronomy. Leaving the fantastic food behind, the place is lovely, the attention was excellent. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic place to have a romantic dinner with your soulmate in Cancun.

Las Americas Mall

There are many malls in Cancun, and this one is one of the most popular in the city.

There are a lot of shops here, for my luck, there are a lot of benches, and if your couple love shopping, you can sit and wait until the girls finish their stuff, but in fact, also are a lot of variety for men, I also spend some time at sports shops, I bought a jersey from Mexico National team, in particular when I visit a place like in the Bahamas I need the national soccer team shirt.

There’s also a food court with a lot of delicious variety, “La Parrilla” is a Mexican place; “Tacos al Pastor” is the best for sure, with some salsa, is spicy but nothing lethal, that combination is magnificent for Mexican food lovers. 

There are also other plazas that you can visit in downtown or the hotel zone of Cancun to have experience according to your trips.

If you want some luxury, you can’t miss Luxury Avenue in Plaza Kukulcan or Plaza la Isla with stores like Gucci, Fendi, and globally recognized brands.

Sky Zone

In the mall, there is a Trampoline Park called Sky Zone; we found it by casualty. It is a little bit hidden on the second floor in the Malecon zone. It was fun! For real, we enjoyed it a lot, and there was a Basketball area; you can do dunks; there two halls, one for kids that is a lot shorter than the adults at the professional measures.

One hour of jumping cost 165 MXN, it’s completely worth it; you will love this place, it doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, it is a great entertaining option and is in the mall. They also sell food, nachos, popcorns, nothing healthy for sure but delicious. It is a cheap option to have a fantastic time to jump, fun, and some exercise.

It’s so easy to move from one place to the other in Cancun if you book a Cancun Car Rental before your trip. This will allow you to move at your own pace and the distance you want without a limit of mileage. Also, if you travel with friends, the costs are much cheaper.

Porfirio’s Restaurant

I think you already know that Cancun has an infinite number of restaurants to eat (or I talk a lot about food). Still, it is an incredible place where you ABSOLUTELY have to order a Rib-Eye and enjoy your food in front of the Nichupte Lagoon, obviously at night, and if you have your partner or friends with you, you will not miss the hours and hours of fun.

Porfirio’s is a trendy restaurant in the city, so you should make your reservation before going if you don’t want to wait for hours standing for a table.

Daddy O Night Club

The atmosphere, place, music, and drinks, but above all, Daddy O’s collaborators are excellent for having fun in the Hotel Zone.

A lot of reggaeton, we love it. We had a great night dancing and drinking, we met a couple in there, and we danced with them and had fun. Excellent drinks, and our waiter knew how to treat us; he cares about us all the time we have been there.

On this trip, we only have good experiences; it was just like we planned. I’m definitely going to return; it’s not such tricky travel to Cancun; you just need to check everything with time, for example, our Cancun Transfers service, we rent the car for the day after we arrived, and we found a Cancun Airport Shuttle company, everything right, it is the cheapest we found.

The service was excellent, so it was completely trustful.

This was an amazing trip. Visiting Cancun was one of the coolest experiences in my life, is a wonderful place to enjoy your vacations, the beaches, night clubs, restaurants, everything was great; if you have the chance, visit Cancun, is a paradise that you need to know when you are there, the only thing that cruxes your head is ENJOY. 

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