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Top Blog Post to Check Out on Upgraded Points

5 Most Useful Post TO Check out on Upgraded Points

Last month I talked about the perks of using Upgraded Points when looking into the best ways to make the most of your miles, as well as, work towards earning some free flights.

This month I wanted to quickly come back to Upgraded Points and talk about some of my favorites post on their site. These are all post that I have found the most helpful and that you will as well.

Top Post on
upgraded Points

The 11 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards in 2019 [for Any Type of Traveler]

Whether you are a newbie or veteran to earning miles, this is the blog post for you. This post covers all different credit cards and helps you find the cards that are important to you, will help you build credit, and give you some insane perks. Whether you are looking to get free checked luggage, hotel discounts,  airport lounges, or earn free flights or just start earning miles than you will love this post.

The article covers 11 different cards and doesn’t play favorites with any of them (which I appreciate). It just gives an accurate breakdown of each card and its rewards, which makes it easy to find the right card. 

As a backpacker, I care less about free hotel stays and upgrades, and more about earning enough miles for those sweet, sweet free flights. This post makes finding that card a breeze.

How to Access Airport Lounges (Without Flying First or Business Class)

There is one spot I love to dive into a little luxury, and that is at airport lounges. As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time in airports and because I am a backpacker I often go with the cheapest flight option, which usually means a lot of long layovers.  AIrports are expensive, and buying food and drinks to pass the time can quickly eat away at your travel budget. 

Luckily some cards come with perks that give you access to airport lounges. Upgraded Points helped me decide that the Chase Sapphire Reserve which comes with a Priority Pass and now I eat and drink to my heart’s content for free as I pass away the endless airport hours.

Is The Platinum Card From American Express (Really) Worth $550 Per Year?

Another aspect of Upgraded Points is that they show you value where you think there is none — for example, this post on the American Express Platinum. Just reading $550 annual fee makes me want to close that window and hide under my backpack.

But I decided to power through the post anyway to see how much value this card really does offer. And I was surprised. This card has some insane perks. First, it provides access to the most airport lounges I have ever seen. ( At least a few hundred more than the priority pass) . Plus a $200 uber credit, $200 airline credit, and hundreds of dollars worth of points at a welcome bonus.

The Ultimate Guide To CheapOair – Will It Save You Money?

Upgraded points also help you make the most out of certain websites like this guide to CheapOair. This is an online booking site that a lot of my friends have used, but I have always been a little sketchy about using myself. And I am not the only one that feels that way.  It pointed out features on the site like the low-cost calendar that I never knew existed.

It also showed me their low price fare promise the company offers which made me feel better about using this online booking agency.  After looking at their guide, it helped me find the lowest fare from Ohio to Sweden that I booked and used to fly to Sweden propose to my wife.  

I prefer reading the Upgraded Points guides to websites like this because it beats scouring other websites piecing together whether this site is useful or not.  Guides like this are one of my favorite things about the site.

18 Best Ways To Earn Lots of Delta SkyMiles

Perhaps my favorite things about Upgraded Points is that they share clever tricks on how to earn miles. I am a miles addict, and I am always looking for crafty and sly ways to earn more. I love Delta and no it is not just for the free Biscoff cookies you get on every flight. Upgraded Points article on 18 ways to get the earn Delta miles gives some useful strategies – like using the sky portal, the top delta credit cards, and hotel partners, and the best retailers to shop at to start raking up a lot of miles quickly.

Over the past few months of reading and using Upgraded points, I have learned more about the mileage game. Became a savvier traveler, and started racking up some miles. It is not only a good source of information for credit card bonus but rather a one-stop shop for everything have to do with getting the biggest bang for your buck.

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