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5 Best Places to Visit in the Bahamas


With pure white glistening sands, tropical palms swaying in the breeze and warm azure waters lapping at the shore, who wouldn’t want to take a break from it all and head to the Bahamas?

The beautiful islands not only offer a wealth of picture perfect views but also a whole myriad of things to do depending on how you like to spend your vacation, which may explain the recent increase in tourism to the area.


If it’s big game fishing you’re after, then Bimini is the place for you. As the Gulf Stream passes the islands, it brings with it a host of sea dwellers from dolphins to manta rays with it, helping Bimini earn its title as “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.” The islands also boast close links with Ernest Hemingway who called Bimini his second home.


Featuring the first marine protected zone in the Bahamas along with a 30 metre plus visibility, Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is a popular destination for divers and snorkelers alike. Major’s Spot Cay is home to the famous “swimming pigs” who rush out to greet arriving boats, expecting to be fed. You can also see the oldest known macro-fossils on earth, known as stromatolites, at Stocking Island.


A popular stop off spot for cruise ships, the most northern island of the Bahamas houses authentic Bahamian shops and marketplaces for those who like to stock up on souvenirs. Coincide your trip with one of the island’s many festivals to experience live Bahamian music, local cuisine, street arts and wine.


For those seeking peace and quiet, this beautiful tiny island offers solitude and calm on a 5 km stretch of land. The main mode of transport here is the humble golf buggy so you will be sure to avoid any traffic jams!


Nassau boasts some of the best nightlife in the Bahamas. From open-air dance hall Bambu to the old-world style Da Balcony, revellers can definitely get their party on in paradise. Also home to the stunning white sands of Cable Beach, it is easy to see why Nassau is such a well-regarded hotspot for tourism.

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