The 42 Best Island in Greece   
(For every Type of Traveler)

Backpacking Greek Islands

Are you ready for sandy shores, epic coastlines, and clear blue water? This guide to the best islands in Greece has got you covered.

The Greek Islands are one of the most sought after places in the world to visit. Renowned for their iconic coasts, pristine beaches, picturesque towns, and rocky hills. 

I’ve spent months island-hopping around Greece and I am still in awe at their beauty. 

There are over 6,000 islands in Greece (over 200 of which have people living on them) and many of them cater to different types of travelers. 

In this post, we will cover the best islands in Greece for couples, nightlife, budget travelers, luxury, couples, off-season travelers, and more. So whether you’re backpacking through Greece on a budget or ready to live like a rich and famous there is an island for you.   

But there’s more. You will also get estimated budgets, how to get there, where to eat, and the top things to do on each island. 

So without further ado, let’s discover the best islands in Greece. 

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The Best Islands  
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