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4 Things Every Smoking Backpacker Should Bring on Trips

In recent years, many tourist destinations have reported a surge in backpackers. CNN reports that around 45 million people embark on backpacking trips worldwide every year. Though not directly a factor, this increase in travelers is mirrored by the rise of smoke-free policies in many countries.

Many backpackers admittedly smoke and have expressed concern over these restrictions. While smoking isn’t completely banned internationally, many smokers now face extra legislation when traveling. If you plan on backpacking soon and are worried about smoking regulations, compiled below are four things you should pack in preparation.

NRT products

One way to address nicotine cravings when traveling is to use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products as discreet smoking alternatives. With most travel destinations having smoke-free policies inside and outdoors, like in hotels and national parks, you can use them freely on your travels. Additionally, backpackers on the move may appreciate that they’re easily accessible in most places worldwide through retailers on- and offline.

For example, backpackers in the USA have a wide range of options regarding nicotine pouches, as well as ease of access. Prilla offers same-day delivery anywhere in the US and stocks leading nicotine pouch brands, which is ideal for backpackers with tight itineraries. The website’s vast selection of pouches offers a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths that cater to any traveler’s nicotine needs. For busy tourists who prefer a more passive option, Habitrol transdermal patches are available over-the-counter in most drugstores and major retail outlets like Walmart and Walgreens. These can be worn on the skin for an entire day without much effort. Regardless of the administration, the smoke-free nature of NRTs allows them to be brought to any travel destination.

Electric lighter

For travelers that still prefer traditional cigarettes, bringing a lighter is necessary. Most disposable ones are combustible and require lighter fuel, so electric lighters are more convenient for tourists. These are better suited for all types of environmental conditions due to their flame-free technology.

Apart from being rain and wind-resistant, their rechargeable nature makes them more sustainable. Though commonly used for lighting candles, the Suprus Electric Lighter can also be used for cigarettes. Furthermore, travelers who enjoy hiking can also use it to light up a portable stove or start a campfire. It’s an affordable option and hassle-free since a single charge of the lighter can be used up to a thousand times, saving backpackers the stress of finding a charging station.

Portable ashtray

A common problem smokers encounter after finishing their cigarettes is dealing with cigarette butts. Most tourist spots strictly prohibit smoking and littering for this very reason. Apart from being a significant contributor to worldwide waste, they can also be a fire hazard.

When disposed of improperly, there’s a 33% chance that a cigarette butt could lead to a forest fire. The environmental impacts of smoking also go against “Leave No Trace” principles, which entail being respectful of the places you visit and are an important part of the backpacking culture. Bringing a portable ashtray can thus help smoking backpackers like yourself adhere to these principles and respect local regulations. The Bull Brand Pocket Ashtray has a flippable lid that securely catches all cigarette waste. Even better, some of these ashtrays tend to be collapsible when not in use, saving precious backpack storage space.

Reusable water bottle

A must-have for backpackers who smoke is a water supply. Studies have shown that dehydration causes low energy levels and dull cognitive abilities. Additionally, smoking can exacerbate these effects because cigarettes are diuretics. They encourage your body to get rid of excess fluids.

Replenishing the body with water is essential to stay alert and energized when traveling. As a passenger on the move, there may be instances where water isn’t readily available. Avoid dehydration by always bringing a reusable water bottle. Instead of repeatedly purchasing plastic water bottles, reusable ones are a more eco-friendly option and are more economical on a budget-friendly trip. Insulated water bottles like the Hydro Flask are great if you want a substantial amount of water that stays cold for hours throughout a journey.

By following the tips above, you can have a smoother journey as a smoking backpacker. For more backpacking insights, visit A Backpacker’s Tale.

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