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4 Reasons to Have a Bike Day During Your Vacation

Whether you drive to your next vacation destination or rent a car, don’t use four wheels for all your travels. Instead, consider renting a bicycle for at least part of your stay. A bike day offers several benefits for travelers, regardless of your experience level with bicycles.

See Your Destination Up Close

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When you’re in the car, you have to keep pace with traffic. You may miss the small details that can captivate you when you’re on a bike. More importantly, you can stop immediately when something catches your attention, whether it’s a historical landmark or a quaint coffee shop. You don’t have to worry about searching for a parking space or feeding a meter.

Many travelers don’t think about biking while on vacation because they don’t want to have room in their luggage for something as large as a bicycle. However, you can always rent a bike in your destination city or borrow a bicycle from someone who lives in the city you’re visiting. Bike-sharing programs have grown increasingly popular, especially in large, urban areas.

Avoid Traffic

You may have to face commuter traffic during the workweek, but don’t consign yourself to that fate while you’re enjoying your vacation. Bicycles prove particularly convenient in cities with dedicated bike lanes. While you still have to follow local traffic laws for biking, you’ll likely get to your destination faster.

Additionally, you’ll experience less stress than you would while stuck through three traffic signal changes. Biking lets you avoid frustrations that may plague your everyday life and instead allow you to enjoy your experience in another city.

Take Your Vacation Off the Road

When you’re stuck in a car, you have to stick to designated roads. Biking doesn’t impose such limitations. For example, you may discover an intriguing trail that takes you away from populated areas and into more beautiful countryside. You can find trails and paths for your specific experience level. If you haven’t ridden a bike in a few years, stick to paved trails with wide passing areas and few hills.

If you want to enjoy a completely new experience, you may want to look for designated car-free bike paths in your destination city. People who visit an area with vehicles alone can’t access these destinations, so you’ll return home with memories and photos to share with your loved ones.

Get to Tourist Destinations Faster

Tourist destinations often create significant vehicle congestion. To reach these places faster and claim your spot in line, consider taking a bicycle instead. You’ll gain more time to explore the destinations on your list, and you won’t have to pay for expensive parking in lots.

You could also use your bike as a tourist destination itself. Many cities offer themed bike tours. Explore an area’s haunted houses, historical homes, wineries, or restaurants with a guide or on your own.

With a bike day in your vacation plans, not only will you enjoy your vacation more, but you’ll also get in your workout at the same time. When planning your next vacation, work a bike day into your itinerary.

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