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5 Unique Ways to Travel in Style


With travel being more affordable now than ever, it’s always interesting to find new ways to travel in style. Whether you’re looking for special things to add to your bucket list or you want to try something outside the box on your next trip, these five unique ways to travel in style are sure to inspire major wanderlust!

#1 Rent your own private charter jet

You might think private charter jets are only reserved for the rich and famous. It turns out these private flights might not be as expensive as you might think! Actually, they’re more affordable than ever with subscription services for those who travel frequently and more options that keep the costs low.

When you book a private charter, you’re essentially paying for the entire flight, fuel, and crew for the duration of your flight. You’re also paying for the total number of seats, whether you use them all or not. If you’re flying with eight people on an eight seat flight, splitting the price equally amongst passengers, the cost can actually be cheaper than eight individual first-class tickets. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re Googling right now ‘how much it costs to charter a plane’. It will surely become your new favorite way to travel in style.

#2 Explore the sea with a cruise

While average cruise travel is not out of the ordinary, there are a number of unique ocean liners and smaller cruises offering unique travel experiences around the world. Viking Cruises, for instance offers immersive experiences around the world as well as multiple days in each port. For a truly luxurious cruise experience, look no further than Crystal Cruises which only sail with a limited number of passengers to guarantee a relaxing stay every time.

#3 Get back to nature by glamping

Glamping in California, is like camping, but with more luxuries from home. Like glamping in Tennessee.. Glamping is a popular option available at many traditional campsites now. Instead of sleeping on the ground in your own tent, the site will have pre-made tents which are more equipped than your standard tent. Enjoy all of the best parts of nature without having to sacrifice any comfort!

#4 See the country from an overnight train

While train travel is relatively common nowadays, overnight trains are not. This style of travel was once reserved for the wealthy elite, and it was the only way to quickly travel across the country. Though significantly less common today, overnight trains are still an excellent way to see much of the country in a new way. Many Amtrak trains offer sleeping accommodations for long-distance travel, and there are different cabin styles depending on your needs.

#5 Sail away on a sailboat

Whether you want to sail around the world or island hop in the Caribbean, sailing is definitely a unique way to travel in style. You don’t have to be a wealthy yacht owner to sail. You can rent a charter sailboat to take you wherever you want to go, or you can even take a sailing course to learn how to navigate the seas on your own! No matter what kind of sailing expedition you choose, you’ll have an unforgettable experience at sea.

Try these unique ways to travel!

Traveling by car certainly has its time and place, but sometimes it pays to think outside the box – challenging ordinary travel with one of these unique ways to see the world. Maybe make a list of Greek Islands and try to visit each one. You might even gain a new perspective while you’re at it! While these are unusual, they don’t have to necessarily be expensive. There are different options for all types of travelers from budget finders to luxury explorers. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone with one of these unique experiences!

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