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The Beauty of a Walking Tour Through NYC

There are few things that you can see throughout your life that are quite like New York City in the fall. Even the chill in the air and the scent of upcoming snow cannot keep tourists from taking walking tours of the city as leaves fall around them. When taking a walking tour of one of the most Most Beautiful Cities in the World, you will want to explore every corner of the Big Apple – see it all at your own pace.

Fort Tryon Park

There are an incredible amount of things to in New York City, at all hours of the day. However, if you need a break from the loud hustle and bustle of big city life, Fort Tryon Park is the best place to visit on a walking tour. Inside this park, you’ll find the branch of the Museum of Modern Art known as the Cloisters, which is an area made of medieval ruins.

Washington Heights

Washington Heights is a street that turns from Harlem and goes along Broadway in Manhattan. While it is a fairly well-known street, much of it isn’t as busy as other more popular streets. Still there is a lot to see, quite a lot of local culture, and, while Harlem is a full-flavor, there is a hidden treasure at Washington Heights.

Trinity Church Cemetery

Much more than a potential spiritual experience, the Trinity Church Cemetery represents a great piece of New York history. If you are a tourist, you will especially love it: it is home to Alexander Hamilton’s grave. Located in the financial district on Rector Street, you can truly see how well New York’s history meshes with the new.

A Bite to Eat

Places like Jacob’s Pickles and Koronet Pizza are must-see (must-eat!) food joints that every walk around NYC should include. You’ll work up an appetite doing all that walking and sightseeing, you may as well taste New York as much as you see it. Walking, and not driving or taking the Subway, can help you to see the trust local flavor and see everything as it is.

Another popular spot in the city is Dinosaur Barbecue. While the name is silly, the food comes with a hefty reception from locals and tourists alike. The restaurant is a bit eclectic, but it is located under a bridge that was used in a Woody Allen film. With a bit of Hollywood history and great pulled pork, what could be better?

Bit of Advice

Although it is not always easy, know where you’re going, and especially which direction you’re headed. Also, note the busy side walks in the city: watch where you take photos and hey, none of that cool tourist walk. Become a part of the scenery, and mind yourself and your valuables.

Many tourists are too nervous to take a walking tour of New York City. While it is not quite the dangerous city that it is often depicted as, it is important to feel confident and comfortable when you visit a new city. Bus tours are available, as well, such as those conducted by Top View NYC: visit their website here to book a tour.

Savor Every Step

New York City is an incredible city with many things to do and see, in every direction. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you will benefit from seeing it from a walking point of view. When there’s too much to see, look for the finer details of this steel city. Take every step as if it’s the most important.

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