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$250 Flight Voucher Giveaway – Because You Guys Are Awesome!

Quick question do you like saving money? Are you a fan of traveling?

If you answered “Yes sir” to either of these you are in luck, I am here to help make your life easier.

A Backpackers Tale had a massive year. Thanks all your support the size of this humble travel blog has tripled in the last year.


You have made this website what it is today, so I want to say thank you!

I am overwhelmed and grateful to each one of you, both new readers and old. You guys followed me as I drove 7,000 miles without a clutch, as i nearly got horned as I ran with the bulls, and as I conquered one of my biggest fears.

One of the main reasons I run a travel blog is because I want to inspire people to travel that is why I case adventures. To show you that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to.

In this belief, I want to help you get your 2014 travels right by saving you some money and getting you started on your next whether yo uare heading to the islands of the Caribbean or on another adventure. ( If you brush up on your adventure quotes)

I am running a contest as a small token of appreciation for following, liking and, commenting, whether it is your first time or you have been an avid follower.


From Jan 8 – 15th, I am running a competition to win $250 gift voucher to go towards you next flight or hotel via Webjet.

Yes, you read that right $250 to help you travel to the most beautiful places in the world. I get cold chills just thinking about the backpacking adventures the winner has in store. Webjet is a great company and who I am planning to use when I go explore Seattle soon.

I will email the winner who will then have one week to confirm there win, or a new winner will be chosen at random.

Just think of all the places you could go! If could help you have 3 days in Rome. Or travel to Asia.


Alright now for the fun!

How do you enter to win? Well, by doing any or all the options below.  The Winner will be chosen at random so the more you do, the better your odds of winning will be. (Contest is closed)

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Best of luck!

Webjet are Australia and New Zealand’s leading online travel agency, with access to over 155,000 hotels and 1 million hotel rooms on sale every day. You can search Webjet Hotels Here

164 thoughts on “$250 Flight Voucher Giveaway – Because You Guys Are Awesome!”

  1. It looks like Holly, Aiden, and I will be heading to Europe this year. Aiden’s first international travel at age 6. Very excited to show him the world!

  2. I’d have to say backpacking through Europe has always been on my bucket list. That, Or going to Australia and just traveling with no time table. Just being free to explore until you’ve seen enough and you can move on to a new adventure. I hope to be able to do this one day, We all have a different journey through life. I have a few things to take care of first. 😉

  3. So many things, right now I just want to visit the West Coast of the United States, but in a broader sense, traveling to Scotland would be a dream!

  4. Everywhere. Iceland, all of South America, Japan for starters would be nice. I’m going to Thailand next month though and would like to see some unspoilt by tourist parts of the country and do it all cruelty free.

  5. My top wish on my bucket list is to visit New York (& no! Not just in my dreams!)! I want to live, feel, breath, see and taste NYC!

  6. Just spent a wonderful 4 weeks at Murwillumbah YHA on the river great spot clean and tidy facilities. It’s off the beaten track but well worth the visit now that Mount Warning is now reopened had the best time. Tassy is the Manager who runs this hostel.

  7. My travel bucket list for this year includes visiting the Northern Territory. So much to see and do there and if you stay long enough, it can truly be an amazing adventure.

  8. christine williams

    Visiting Fort Smith Arkansas. YES Really. My sister now lives there. However I’d like to visit on the tail end of a trip to Europe. See the canals in Amsterdam ( amongst other things), have coffee in Paris, Pasta in Italy, Beer in Belgium. The list is endless.

  9. My bucket list for 2014 is to get my behind back to LA to explore all the stuff I missed on my short trip last year.

  10. Visit at least one country I’ve never been to before & to dance on the edge of the world’s most accessible, active volcano, Mount Yasur in Vanuatu

  11. A train trip of some sorts… Orient Express, Indian Pacific, Pride of Africa or the Trans-Siberian. Hmm…. I think the holiday budget will be making the decision! At this rate, I may just end up an hour away in Mandurah!

  12. Going on a family camping trip with our 2 children and showing them that its not all about the comforts that they have at home that there is more to life than what meets the eye

  13. Going on a family camping trip with our 2 children and showing them that its not all about the comforts that they have at home that there is more to life than what meets the eye!

  14. I would love this spring to find me in the Tuscany region of Italy, in the beautiful CinqueTerre small villages, animated by the sea waves. I almost can smell already that “dolce far niente” experience.

  15. I don’t think it’s gonna happen, but I’d love to go back to Europe, especially Luxembourg City. Just need to win a whole heap of money, and I’m there!

  16. Kim Featherstone

    To jump out of a perfectly good plane and live to tell the tale.. Can’t wait to do this before I hit the big 40

  17. I would really love to save enough to take the kids back to Ireland for Christmas, would be so different to spending it in Australia.

  18. 1 thing on my bucket list this year is to book a holiday overseas with my husband. he has never been out of the country.

  19. Uganda. My grad school program (social work) is doing a study abroad 3 week trip there this summer, and I am hoping to go.

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