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19 Best Gift for Travelers NEW 2022!

Looking for the best gift for travelers in your circle of friends and family?

This gift guide includes some of our favorite travel essentials, gear, and gadgets that we use on our travels or want to get for ourselves. This is a list of 19 Gift Ideas for Travelers that we think would be great gifts for your favorite traveler (or yourself!) We’ll also add this to a gift guide on our Youtube channel – so check out the video to see these gifts in action.

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Venustas heated down jacket

Venustas heated down jacket

Looking for a great idea for the traveler that is planning to head somewhere cold! The best gift for travelers to fight the cold is a heatable down jacket with a built-in battery and a USB port. The Venustas heated down jacket is also water resistant, and comes with a ton of features. There are three modes on the jacket: comfort, high, and off.

There are two pockets in the jacket. 

One small pocket at the top for your phone or other things on your trip, and a large main pocket for getting your hands into to put on gloves or other items that you need to be covered.

The small front pockets have zippers built-in with flaps over the top to keep water out. There are also two pouches on the inside to hold your controllers for these heating elements. The battery has an input of 110-240v and an output of 9v. It has been said to last 15 hours max at high heat before the battery needs to be recharged.

Scratch The World Travel Map

Scratch off the world map, the ideal gift for the world traveler in your life. Scratch off the countries you’ve been to and discover a vibrant illustration of your journeys. This is travel in all its glory.

Perfect for all travelers, whether you want to show your friends and family where you’ve been, or just want to scratch a little off the top to see what’s underneath.

The scratchable surface provides a tactile way to share and reflect on travel experiences. The map features six different colors, each representing a different continent. Each color can be scratched off leaving room for owners to write a few notes about their travels in that area as well as leaving room for pictures.

The map is perfect for keeping track of and sharing travel experiences with close friends, family, and followers on social media. The map is also useful for travelers trying to remember where they’ve been and for planning future trips. And who knows, maybe the map will inspire others to go and discover new countries, quotes about adventure, and have new adventures themselves.!

Cork Globe

If a scratch map isn’t a great travel gift for the traveler in your life, then perhaps this is a better option. The Cork Globe is a clever accessory for backpackers (or anyone really) who love to travel and explore. It’s basically a normal Globe but cut from cork so you can put in pins to all the places you’ve visited on your travels.


Skully Crusher Wireless

The best headphones for travelers are very subjective to what the specific travelers value. I use the Skully Crusher Wireless. What I like about them is that they are noise-canceling. They have a lot of bases. The battery lasts a long time, And they fold up comfortably! This makes them the perfect travel headphones for me! 

The Skully Crusher Wireless model is made with the traveler in mind and built for the modern tech world

Lifestraw GO

The Lifestraw is the original personal water filter. It is a simple and innovative way to quickly remove micro-contaminants from water at your source. It will bring you cleaner water in the backcountry, on an expedition, or in a developing country. The Lifestraw flexible tube allows you to drink directly from a water source through the straw or can be attached to a standard water bottle for convenient use. And it is easily one of the top rated filtered water bottles. These are great whether you are hiking in New Zealand, traveling a third-world country, or just on a road trip around North America!


Displate’s are very cool! Displate is a one-of-a-kind metal poster designed to capture your unique passions. Customize, collect, and rearrange them at will – it only takes 20 seconds to set them up with no power tools, no damages, no frustrations.

You can easily switch in and out Displates depending on your mood, or whatever country you’re pining to revisit! I’ve designed some Displates based on my travels – that are also for sale here.

Packing Cubes

Firstly, the packing cubes are an ideal gift that helps you stay organized and brings order to your bags. These will help you get your stuff in order. These lightweight packing organizers keep your shirts, socks, underwear, toiletries and small items such as adapters and chargers separate. This means less digging in your luggage and you’ll never again be left wondering whether you packed a certain item or not. The packing cubes are an inexpensive gift, but will definitely be appreciated by backpackers and adventurers.

Packing cubes make it easy to pack and unpack your luggage. They are also a way for you to organize the inside of your luggage.

Brand new to packing cubes? Before, I used to think they were a mess of nylon and overrated. Now I have whole new respect for them! I can fit more in my suitcase and I am a much more organized packer. And as someone prone to being messy, they help me stay organized!

There are a lot of different options when picking the best packing cube as a travel gift!

Personally, I like the packing cubes that double as compressor bags. This lets you suck the air out making a lot more space, the perfect gift for the travel lover that loves to overpack.

On the other hand, it might be a bad idea for that same travel lover because it will allow them to pack more! Either way, packing cubes are a practical gift for any frequent flyer or loved one.


A Travel journal has many perks! It lets you reflect on how travel has changed you. It lets you pass time on a long haul flight and gives you keeps your memories at hand. They are great for looking back later in life and reliving these memories.

Travel Book

A good travel book is essential to any journey!

A book helps your imagination soar. What matters most about these travel books is how they inspire us, and the great distances they inspire and can often connect us to where we are traveling. And sometimes, a travel book can be as transformative as the journey itself.

I’ll never forget reading The Alchemist in Egypt. Or finishing the Trojan War on the top of Mt Olympus. A good travel book can become deeper into your entire experience, and it is one of the best travel gift ideas for any traveler.

My current top recommendations for travel books are.

Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is a bag that is used to carry personal care items such as toothpaste, razors, shampoo, soaps, and other small items that are necessary for you to feel clean and fresh during your trip. These are the three reasons why you should use a toiletry bag when traveling:

1) You will have all your toiletries in one place

2) You have everything you need. A toiletry bag helps you know if you have forgotten any item because it is all in one bag. You will not have to worry about packing too much or too little.

may not take up too much space in your bag because they come in different sizes.

3) It will make your trip easy by enabling you to move around with ease when you are traveling. Without being weighed down by all your cosmetics, it will be easy for you to move around and explore new places. This will allow you to enjoy your trip even more and not worry about running out of personal care products during the trip.

Portable Charger

Power banks have become an essential part of our traveling gear. With a portable charger, you do not have to worry about running out of battery when you are traveling. With the best portable charger, you won’t have a hard time finding a socket either.

Shemagh or Keffiyeh Scarf

Long scarves are a staple of long-term travelers. When you’re constantly on the move, and your options for washing clothes in the field are extremely limited, long scarves provide a quick and easy solution to looking cute and staying warm when the weather turns cold. These scarves make great sun protection for both male and female travelers who want to protect their necks or face while traveling in warm climates or exploring mountainous terrains in New Zealand.

The design makes it ideal for use around your face as a mask in dusty environments or as a headscarf/headwrap when you’re out on the town. The shemagh scarf is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of situations while traveling.

Travel Pillow

Great for a long flight, or train. Then the next gift idea is a travel blanket and pillow set. There is nothing worse than having a long flight with no proper head or neck support. The neck and back pain can sometimes last for days after a long flight. Bringing a travel pillow is one of the best things you can do to prevent such discomforts. This soft microfiber travel neck pillow is easy to pack and comfortable to use on long journeys.

Lonely Planet Guidebooks 

I remember well the excitement that came with reading my first Lonely Planet guidebook. It was right before my first trip backpacking Europe and I stumbled upon was Lonely Planet’s “Europe on a Shoestring”. That first edition helped me plan my trip and the book covered everything from how to travel from country to country, budgeting, and which countries were best for seeing amazing things. It is a great gift ideas for new backpackers and travelers. They have guides for anywhere and everywhere from New York to Bangkok.

Gift Cards / Prepaid Credit Card

A gift card is a great gift for a traveler! You can get them a gift card for a tour company, or sites like Tinggly. One price, hundreds of experiences: One gift buys you an entire collection of unbelievable adventures for your travel lover to choose from. The recipient can then choose the ONE experience they want, and book it with just a couple of clicks. Anywhere in the world: Our adventures are available in more than 100 countries all around the world.

Another gift card option is for sites like Amazon! Frequent travelers can choose what they need the most whether it be a travel bag, travel pillow, a world map, travel journal, or even a personalized luggage tag. An amazon prime gift card opens up a wealth of great travel gifts.

If Amazon Prime gift cards aren’t your style then there are also some best travel gifts to fall back on for the Frequent traveler in your life. Things like Tinggly.

Magazine Subscription

Let’s face it! Travel has been a little hard the last few years. But one of the best ways to travel remotely is with a good magazine subscription. Magazines like National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, or Condé Nast Traveler.

These magazines can help us keep our wanderlust alive when travel isn’t the easiest option.

Check out National Geographic and Condé Nast Traveler


Masterclass can help your traveler get better at photography. Or cooking international cuisine, or writing. All skills that can help them be a better traveler! You can check out my 5 favorite master classes here! 

Nas Academy

Does your travel lover want to learn how to create awesome videos? Become a better storyteller or own social media. Then Nas Academy is a great option. Started the video giant Nas Daily these courses offer the direction that could help you traveler start a new career. 

Mad Monkey Golden Ticket

The Mad Monkey Golden Pass is one travel’s biggest steals right now! And by-product of COVID-19. 

Mad Monkey is one of my favorite hostel chains in Southeast Asia. And the Golden Pass gives you unlimited access to their 11 hostels in Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, or Laos 

They have passes for 30, 60, and 90 days. Your pass doesn’t begin until your first stay. Once the clock starts ticking you can hop between 11 different hostels for as long as your pass is vaild. Or just stay in a place you like for that time! 

I purchased the 90-day pass which cost $265, which when do the math comes in at under $3 a night. And for one of the best hostel chains in Southeast Asia….it’s unbeatable!

These passes are available for a limited amount of time. And are good until 2023. But Mad Monkey has promised to extend them if COVID is still a factor. Please don’t be a factor in 2023. 

If you decided to gift the pass to someone! Tell them to leave a comment with their travel plans below. And if it works out we can meet up for a beer! 

Travel Insurance

Traveling is great, but it can sometimes lead to accidents or health problems. Maybe you’ve thought about getting a gift card, or a new pair of shoes, but don’t forget about travel insurance. Because even the best shoes won’t help you if you break a leg on the trip! It doesn’t matter if you are a dirty packer, like myself, or a business traveler, accidents can happen! And it is important to protect yourself.

Travel insurance will cover any costs if you have an accident while on your trip, or if something bad happens while you’re traveling. Many policies will also cover theft, lost or stolen luggage, weather-related damage, and even cancellations if you have to cancel your trip.

This is the ultimate guide for the best travel gift ideas for travelers in your life. We understand its hard to buy that person in your life who never wants anything but travels, travels, travels a gift they will actually use.

 So we narrowed it down to the best items that every traveler in your life will love and also use. This list will make it easier than ever to find the perfect gift for your favorite traveling friend or family member, of even people Travel as a family.. From clothing to tech, to packing ideas we have you covered with the best gifts for travelers.

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