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10 Must Have Adventures in Norway

Norway appeals to the restless and adventurous. The country entices visitors to explore and experience the wonder and beauty the land offers. People in Norway are zealous and passionate about what their country has to offer.

Is your soul craving an adventure? Or are you sitting on the sideline reading adventure quotes? If your immediate thought was a yes then, make Norway‘s your next trip.
Here are some of the best adventures Norway has to offer.

1-Glacier Hiking


Picture yourself standing on top of a white cliff surrounded by an icy wilderness. On your left are waterfalls frozen in time, to your right lie jagged mountains with snow blowing from their peaks, and ahead of you a vast plain of ice and snow stretching into the distance.

The adrenaline is pumping through your veins acting as a furnace, holding the cold at bay.

These are the type of memories you will walk away when going Glacier Hiking in Norway. Glacier hiking is not the easiest adventure on this list. (But you might need best quotes about hikes) But it is worth it. Are you up for the challenge?


Kayaking is an excellent choice for those seeking a little more adventure.

Discover the beautiful landscape at a slower pace. The perk of going on a kayaking tour is that you can explore more remote locations and hard to reach areas. As a bonus there will be a guide to teach about the landscape, history, and culture of Norway. Kayaking ins one of Norways best adventures.

3- Hiking

Norway Hiking

Hiking is a must in Norway. The country offers varied terrain all having their own appeal. Walk on the sea cliffs for scenic views of the ocean.

There are also sandy beaches to wander, thick forest to explore, and large waterfalls to stumble upon.

There is a good chance that hiking in Norway will be the most memorable part of your trip.


Norway is also a country for bikers of any skill level. Mountain bikers with find stunning trails through thick forest and soft trails.

A couple of Norway’s top biking trails are Hafjell Bike Park, Nesbyen, and Narvikfjellet. The latter one is not made for those faint of heart.

5- Water Rafting

Norway has a lot of options for white water rafting (Like some things to do in Moab Utah). The are different segments in each river,..

There is high-level adventurous rafting, the fun of forest rafting, or peaceful family rafting. Make a choice depending on how brave you are feeling but no matter what you choose you are in for a wild time!

6- Boating

adventures in Norway

Boat trips to Norway are an unforgettable experience. There are countless waterfalls and charming harbors to visit. Let’s not forget about the captivating landscape of Norway’s coast.

A boat trip in Norway is a front row seat to the snowy mountains, sheer cliffs, and jagged coast. It is the best way to bask in the world renowned Norway fjords.

7- Northern Lights

No list of adventures is complete without talking about the Northern Lights, which you can also see if you plan a visit during the best time to visit Iceland.. Watching the different hues of green dance against the starry sky. It is jaw dropping and something you have to see to truly grasp.

Grab some friends, hop in the car, and go hunting for the aurora borealis. Norway is one of the top places in the world to see the northern lights and witness nature’s own light show.

8- Snow Fields

Norway’s a haven for avid skiers, and snowboarders. Actually, Norway is perfect for any snow sport. If your planning your winter trip and want some fun in the snow, then Norway is a fantastic country to visit.

The country has a variety of snow resorts and ski fields to choose from.

9- Bungee Jumping

Trolljuv is a bridge high above the fjord lands. On either side are two dizzyingly high mountains above the waters of Åkrafjorden. Take the leap and feel the adrenaline rush as the walls of the gorge blur past as you fall 115 meters.

Why are you waiting? Go for it!

10- Skydiving

Skydiving lets you view the landscape from a bird’s eye view. It is an unforgettable adventure.

You never forget the views you have skydiving, or the wind rushing past your face. Norway is a country of incredible landscape, and skydiving might just give you the best view. Plus, is there a better rush than jumping out of a plane with nothing but a parachute.

Norway has epic trails, hiking, and camping. And even some glamping, similar to the glamping in Tennessee. . You can stand tall of great walls of ice, or feel like an ant as you kayak between gigantic mountains. These are just a few of the adventures in Norway. But enough of me talking. Head to Norway and find your own. It is one of my favorite places when traveling Europe.

Which of these Bucket List Ideas would you conquer first?

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