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A Backpackers Tale
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About Me

welcome! i’m stephen schreck (pronounced like shrek) but don’t worry i’m not green!

travel changed my life. it opened my eyes, knocked down doors, and reshaped my life.

and while the travel is still a passion, my biggest passion is to help others achieve their travel goals and dreams.

and have the same life-changing experience i did! learn more about me here.

Fun Faqs About Me

Italy is my favorite coutnry! I’ve spent over a year traveling it! 

I spent an afternoon in the back of a russian cop car…. wondering I if I was going to jail. Instead they took me to lunch. 

I’ve newly married, and in the process to moving to my wife in Sweden.

Did that spark your interest? 

Then read more about me or check out 101 fun facts about me

-Paulo Coelho

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal”

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